Friday, June 24, 2011

My 100th Post: Things Happen For a Reason, Eventhough We May Never Know Why

Wow, really 100 posts, I can't believe it. Many things have ocurred since the last time I posted. To be honest, I don't remember what that post was about. Currently, things are moving forward. Haven't really done much. Living is what I've been doing. I will admit that I have been spending unnecceraliy. It is awful.

I tried to purchase a Mini Cooper, but my credit was bad, due to paying the mortgages late and having a couple of doctors bills. Like always, my credit isn't bad for real, the only things I have on it or my student loans, the mortgages, and a few loans that are paid off. I forgot about the credit card that only has a $300 limit.

There are a few bills that aren't needed for instance, internet on my phone. I can't get all sites and it is a waste of money. I do use it from time to time, but not as much as I am paying for. Been on a few trips here and there. I did invest in myself by going to a residency in Houston. The most expensive part of the trip was the plane ticket.

Last year, I was trying to get these houses for $45,000. That is in the works, but he went up on the price. Awful, but the process has gotten started. Realizing that I am not getting any younger. There has to be another way. Thought it through, the tenant in the back will pay his rent and that will go toward my mortgage. The money made at 637 can also pay the mortgage, so truthfully, I will not have to pay my own mortgage. I plan to live at the new house for a few years, maybe 2. Will see how the wind blows.

Overall, it is the same below are my bills. Also, I disconnected the utilities at 637 and cut the rent to $750. Something that I have to get in my mind is that I am a business women. Regardless of all of that, that is what it is. So, I need to make my money work for me. Look into some other options. It is hard trying to save, but it can be done. There are many things that I am doing that I shouldn't be or things I should be doing and I'm not. So sad, I know, so sad.

US Dept of Edu
Tax Lien
First Premier
Got to have $5,000 for down payment for homes. Want to borrow off of the $5,000.
Save ontop of all that
I have 4 bank accounts, I can afford to deposit $50 into each account monthly

Next steps, sort out what can be cut out. Make sure I have enough money to sustain for each month. I know I have the money because I keep spending it. Also, I haven't done anything on my school. Nothing, need to add a few pages to it and make some changes. Just don't feel like doing the work. Again it comes up, am I afraid of success. Yes, I am. After I obtain the PhD, what next? Stop making excuses is what I need to do and just do the damn work.

That is everything that has been going on. I will try to not be gone for so long. Maybe I was embarrassed about the things that have taken place. Throughout all the changes, I have learned not to look back, hold grudges and beat myself up. Can't change the past. Stick with me Financial Success Will be mine soon.
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