Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 What will it have in Store?

Making Money
One thing that I can truly say is I know I make money. It is evident I see it. As a matter of fact, I have it in case of emergency. What is funny about that is, I couldn't get to it if after 6 and it may be closed due to the holidays, at least it's there. I have had to pay my own mortgages. All three tenats (that includes my moms) have been late since November. What is really going on? One of my tenants is in jail. I deal with his sister. She had the total for November and December and someone broke in her car while at work. If I am not paid by the middle of January I am filing for an eviction. I know the house is a mess. My other tenant now is a grandmom (twice) has had to make some sacrifices to help her daughter. Things tend to happen at the end of the year.
Seeing What I Make
Looking back over the last year. Again, I know that I have money and where it goes. Yes, I did spend out for the holidays, and it was needed. Yes, I buy things I may not need. I do this because I finally have something to show for something. It feels good to know that I can buy this and not have to worry about overdrawing in my account. Now, what I need to do is pay off the Escalade. Due to Christmas and having to pay my own mortgages, I will have this paid off by January 31, 2010. Liam also needs some brakes. I need to call Firestone and find out exactly what is wrong with Liam.
Writing Leads to Reflexation
Looking back over my books. I write from time to time and over the years, I have always wanted the same things. To own property. I think it is the coolest thing ever. When I think about what it will take for me to get on it, I can't see anything straight through. Ok, let's see: Get with Carrie to find out what needs to be done

They don't erase anything
Find out about those 2 loans that should have been in deferment
Keep credit card below 40 %
Pay down MEA
Save money
Pay off Escalade
Have to put 10% down purchasing price
All over the Place, This is Me
I know this is jumping all over the place, stay with me please. Today, I will take my passport photo. This is something that I have been putting off for the past year. What am I doing? Who am I doing it for? Why am I even here? There is a vast world out there waiting to be discovered. Why not travel, there is nothing else to do. I am not getting any younger. Take the time out to enjoy this world in which we were given the opportunity to dwell. For me, 2010 is going to be about awakening, realization, focus, happiness, peace, enjoyment, and overall life. My place is this world, I may not know, but I am going to enjoy every minute that I am here.
New Job How would that Work?
Changing jobs would be wonderful and what is sad is I don't think I can do anything else. What is even worse is that I know I am worth so much more. Then at the same time am I lazy? I feel that going through the interview process is so whatever. I don't know. I don't want to be the classroom teacher forever and I will not. Taking my last class that I haven't participated in in a few days. Need to be doing something toward my Breadth Component. Thinking of my finances tell me that the Escalade will not be paid off until January 2010, I complete year, wow! Lists work for me.

Escalade January 2010
Saved money 1,000
February 3,000
Pay off Wachovia 2255.57
1,000 left over
March-May 6,000
MEA paid off April
US Dept. of Edu 12,000 Maybe I need to call to inquire about length of time of loan
Purchase house with D
Duplexs/ and more
Scattered Get it Together
This is what is going on with me right now. I am all over the place and need to get it together. This tends to be the story of my life. Slow down, mentally and just all over. I love the person that I am and know I can be so much better. I am not the best that I can be. At least I know that and knowing is half the battle. So today, I start anew. Eating right, focusing and what is important and not the spam, doing right by me. I will also post on my other blogs that I haven't said anything in a long time on. So I will deem this day, a day of renewal. It feel good.
Under Pressure
I will not pressure myself, but the time is not slowing down and in order to achieve my goals I my do what is right. Look toward how I can attain multi unit properties, travel, teach, and live my life comfortably. I am somebody that is worthy of having what I want. Seeing myself with what I want, just block out the spam.

Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Investing Mistakes I’ve Made (and How You Can Learn From Them)

Not investing soon enough — I have been working part-time since my first year at college in 1991. If I had known what I know today, I would have invested my money in an IRA from day one. But like many other young adults, I was thrilled to have money and to spend it all on things that I enjoyed — movies, games, electronics, etc. If I had invested just $2,000 per year while I was in college, that $8,000 invested in an S&P 500 index fund would be worth about $36,000 today.
Not knowing the basics— When I finally began investing, my first move was to give my money to a full brokerage firm to invest for me. I didn’t know anything about stocks or mutual funds. I just knew I should invest money to make more money. This was a big mistake since each trade executed by my broker cost a lot of money. Also, the mutual funds they picked weren’t good, and were very expensive.
Chasing past performance — Once I got smart enough to switch to a discount broker, I committed another mistake. I chose mutual funds based on their past performance and Morningstar rating. I picked several loaded / high expense-ratio funds that lagged the general market in the subsequent years.
Experimenting with my IRA — Back then I had tons of ideas. Unfortunately most of my money was in IRA, so I experimented using my retirement money — big mistake! First, money lost in an IRA cannot be replenished. I was allowed to deposit $2,000 per year and that was the limit. Second, I could not claim my losses as tax deductions. Since the IRA was tax-sheltered, the loss was simply a loss. [Learn more about IRAs.]
Not paying attention to expense ratios — Not until recently did I realize how badly expense ratios can affect investment performance. I always thought “it’s only 1%, what’s the difference,” and went for the investment with better performance. I finally ran some numbers and I was shocked to learn that a difference of 1% can lower my investment performance by 25% over the course of 30 years. Instead of ending up with $1 million, for example, I might only have $750,000.
Not paying attention to distributions — This is another number that I did not pay attention to back then. I held some funds in my IRA and some in my regular account. For a couple years, I thought high distribution was really cool because I was making more money. How silly was that? Now I realize that I am paying other people’s taxes when I get mutual fund distributions. Now with my regular account, I invest either in low distribution funds or in ETFs. (Distributions do not affect IRAs.)
Not paying attention to asset allocation — Way back when, my investment was mainly in large-capitalization U.S. stocks and funds. I did not know about asset allocation as a risk management and performance enhancement tool. It wasn’t until 1999 — when I became eligible for a 401k — that I started giving asset allocation serious thought.
Ignoring diversification — Again, with little experience and little money to invest, I was going after high-flying stocks (at least I thought they were) and did not pay any attention to diversification. Like asset allocation, it took me a long time to realize how diversification helps to reduce risk and enhance performance. The value of diversification became apparent to me at about the same time that asset allocation did.
Selling winners and keeping losers — This was my all time weakness. I knew the concept of “buy low and sell high.” So with little experience, I ended up selling a lot of my winners like Staples (SPLS), Ameritrade (AMTD), and Microsoft (MSFT) to lock in the gain; but held on to my losers like Flemings (FLMIQ) and eToys (ETYS).
Cost averaging down — This was another “buy low and sell high” mistake. Not only did I hold on to my losers, I bought more shares in hope of lowering my cost basis and reducing my losses. I did this blindly without additional research to find out why these losing stocks went south.
Investing without a goal — Not until recently did I define a real goal for my investment — among other things, one of my investment goals today is to build a $1 million investment portfolio by 2017. This is my main retirement portfolio. Other goals, which I am still defining, are investing to subsidize my kids’ college expenses and my parent’s retirement expenses. Without a clear goal, I was chasing short-term performance and was prone to act on market swings.
Selling on corrections & buying at the top of the market — These are symptoms of not having a clear goal. Since I was chasing short-term performance with the objective of making more money. I occasionally gave in to my emotion and sold my investments during corrections to protect my gains. Occasionally, I did come out ahead, but most of the time I ended up rushing to reinvest my money as the market invariably rose after these corrections.

Get Rich Slowly.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you Know, Because I don't

I have said it before and I will say it again, time keeps moving and it's up to me to make a difference. If you have been following my blog you may realize that I am somewhat scattered from time to time and that is what is going on right now. I don't remember the last time I posted. Well actually, I do remember, but I don't know the date. I am proud of my actions and the things that I have accomplished. Right now at this moment, I don't know whether I am coming or going. I feel that I talk a good game, but I don't actually put it into play. This is why I asked do you know, because I don't. In my mind, I see myself owning 10 properties by the time I am 40 years old which is in the next 6 years. My how time flies. I also thought about quitting my job at the end of the term, but I am not in a financial state to do that. What I have planned is to work another year and save $24,000 by the end of the year. The tax lien that I found out about at the beginning of the year will be paid in full by the end of this year. It is crazy that it has taken an entire year to get this taken care of.

There have been many gains over the last few months and I have been working hard to make it happen. Clarity is what I need right now at this moment in my life. I tried to see about getting a property by February 2010, but my credit score has dropped tremendously. When I inquired about my scores I was told that I can't spend but 40% of my credit card balance. The loan that I took out to pay for school has to be paid down by $2,000. I also have 2 student loans that show up on my credit report, they say that I was behind, but they were in deferment. It seems as if I can't win for losing. Then ontop of all that, I will have to put 3% down on the next home that I purchase.

This is my plan of action:
Pay off the Escalade $4,900
Pay off Wachovia
Save $10,000 pay August 2010
Pass last class
Complete KAM I
Purchase 1 4 bedroom 2 bath
Purchase 1 triplex

In my mind, I am somebody all I have to do is focus and keep the main thing the main thing. See how easy that sends, yet it is so hard to stay focused. Why does the mind tend to move toward the bull? That is where my mind tend to dwell. At this point in my life, I know that I can do and be anything that I want and the time to start is now. Thank you for be a sounding board for me to express myself. To be honest, because of the blog and other experiences I know where my money goes and it has allowed me to save. Thank you again!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

10 Years, Where did they Go?

It has finally dawned on me that I have been home for 10 years. Where did the time go? I have been saying all along that blink, I was 24 and blink, I am 34. There have only been a handful of things that I have done for any duration of time. One of being school and another is having a career. I call it that because I have been a life longer learner. In some instances, I wonder if I enjoy the stresses of having to catch up because I am behind on my assignments. Always working on a time schedule and trying to catch up or even get ahead if possible. What will I do without the stresses once I am out of school? Replace that stress with another?

I work daily and make a decent living, but is it all truly worth it? The children have changed and yet they stay the same. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful I have a job, but to get up and go to a place and be confined for eight hours of the day. Man, to some extent that is too much! People bring stress to you for no reason. Do I want to continue to live this way. My job doesn't define who I am. Ten years gone, will another ten go by and wow, I am 44? What will I have accomplished then? Been thinking about my future and what I want to be when I grow up.

There are a few things that must be done soon:
Escalade paid off
Wachovia paid off
MEA paid off

Thinking big things for the future, what is the worst thing that could happen? I want to teach online courses instead of going to a traditional school. That will free me up to do other things that I am interested in. Realized that things I once was interested in, they no longer are important to me. My health, future, and longevity are a few of my main concerns. I am not this typical person and I understand that. It will be like just graduating from college and coming home and looking for a job. Starting over fresh. Save some money and use that cash to purchase a home. Fix it up and rent it out. Wait some time and it should be worth more than I spent on it. Make the money back and a little more.

I just don't want time to keep passing by and I have stood still for twenty years. That can't happen to me, I will not do that to myself. Change is here and I am going to use it to my advantage.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Plan

This is My Plan, I hope you can read it!
Click on it, this will make it bigger.
It will take dedication and focus. I have a plan and in order to make it work sacrifice will be my best friend. I am looking forward to longevity. The now is important, but my future is what I am looking forward to. In order to make it happen, money has to be saved. Wants will be placed on hold. The only thing that I will spend money on the necessities. Working the after school and Saturday programs will give me more money. This will all come in handy. Looking forward to the new changes and financial freedom. I vow to have financial freedom by 2011. Making these subtle life changes will benefit me in the long run. I know the things I want and in order to achieve them things have to change. The time to change is now and it all starts with me.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Better Days

Regardless of how I feel the days keep on moving by. Whenever I think of where I should be, I have to remember to be thankful for all of the things I have accomplished throughout my life. There is so much that I want out of life that sometimes I get down and out. Something I have learned is that I can't make anyone happy, but myself. That is what I am striving to do. I have created my six year plan and like I always say sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. In my life, I can give others all of the advice they need. For some reason I can't give myself sound advice. I know how I feel and what needs to be done, but I can't seem to do anything. It seems as if I get two steps ahead and fall one back. That may be the story of my life.

Making More Money
In order to make more money, I have started working the after school and Saturday programs. That will give me 16 hours more of my hourly rate a month. The money will be put to good use. Also, my financial aid was reinstated. Due to all of the financial issues I have been facing the past few months, I don't have a savings anymore. I will use this month to replenish the missing cash.

With all of the financial woes, I haven't purchased all of my books for one course. I spoke with the professor last week to inform him of my issue, he understood. I ordered the books the other day, hopefully, they will be here by the end of the week.

My plans for school this week
  • Complete all articles for KAM I
  • Send articles to Dr. Moller
  • Complete all back assignments
  • Complete all other assignments

October Debt

  • T-Mobile 64.00
  • Knology 75.00
  • Mediacom 94.00
  • braces 109.00
  • US Dept of Education 25.00
  • doctors bill 150.00
  • Suntrust 579.00
  • Bank of America 567.86
  • mom 100.00
  • First Premiere 100.00
  • savings 850.00

Things Needed to Get Fixed to Move

  • 3 ceiling fans
  • 2 doors
  • walls fixed
  • paint for both rooms
  • spray for house
  • tree limbs cut off of roof
  • shrubs cut from around house

Am I in Control?

Control has to be brought back to my life. Floating throughout life is not an option for me. I have big plans for the future. Six year plan is what I am looking forward to taking care of. There are so many things to life and I want them all.

What needs to be paid off in order to be able to move during the Summer of 2010.

  • Tax Lien 4,999 (not exact)

Big Plans

Big plans for the future. What I see for my future is owning several properties, group homes, selling candles, and being an Instructional Technologist. How will I make all of these things happen? The plans are falling in place now. Take my time, save money, organize my thoughts and efforts, and continue to know that I can do all things.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Honestly, I don't Know

That is how I feel! There are many things that are occuring in my life. Truly, I don't know what is what and where I am going. Self analysis has been a major thing for this period in my life. I feel like I am moving and going nowhere fast. My first year teaching was August 2000, this is September 2009. Working at the same place for eight years, boy how time goes by fast. There are some parts of me that don't feel I am capable of doing anything else. Or am I scared of change. When I talk to people they give me positive feedback of the person that I am, but I just don't know that woman. I may be worth more than I feel.

Things I have done
Paid off my Portion of the Tax Lien
Updated Resume
Uploaded Resume to
Cleaned out my Car
Started Washing Clothes
Got New Tires for Liam
Paid my Mother back $850

I have money, but don't know what to do with it. Again, honestly, I just don't know. Been working really hard to find out what will be as far as my financial aid. As I stated previously, there is a disconnect between academic advising and financial aid. I have met all criteria's and know that financial aid should be reinstated. Will call tomorrow to find out what is going on. They say it takes 24 to 72 hours, but in some instances it has been 2 weeks. All I need to know is yes, you will receive financial aid for this term and the next.

Things I Will Do
Apply for 20 different jobs
Write a philosophy of teaching
Turn in all homework on time
Complete my Depth component (10 article summaries)
Write a Will
Pay off Wachovia
Pay off other portion of Tax Lien
Prepare to move

My credit score has gone up. I have two 645, and 1 596. What can I do with that? I am tired of wallowing in self-pity. There has to be a change coming soon. No matter what goes on, there is always something else to counter act the positive. Tired of the flawness, things will get better. It has to start with me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things Take Time

Anything worth having is worth working for. There have been many things in my life that I wanted and it took some effort for them to come a reality. Time and time again, I think of what I should have and don't. The effort that is attached in achieving things does take time and effort. When it is all said and done the experience was needed. It also let's me know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Working Toward Making it Happen
No financial aid for me. Yes, I am on academic probation. Totally my fault, I admit my wrong. Now, I should be eligible fo financial aid again. Talking with financial aid and academic advising for the past week has helped. There is a disconnect in communication. Tomorrow, I will contact academic advising to have them email a statement verifying that I have made my gpa and my rate of completion. Everything should be a go.

Paid off my portion of the tax lien, $956.35. I also had to give my mother her money back, $850. This shows me that I have money to pay bills, just managing and doing right by the money is what always tends to get me.

My Six Year Plan
Thinking about my life and realizing that there are six years before I am 40 years of age. What will be going on in my life at 40? This is why I came up with my six year plan. Sorting out each year with what I should have accomplished will help me accomplish my goals.

Year 1 September 2009-2010
KAMs 1, 2, 3 complete
Finished all classes
Tax Lien Paid Off
Moved from 617 Wilder Drive
Wachovia Paid Off
Spanish Class
Financial Aid (Got that)
Turned house into personal care home
Bought 1 four bedroom
Working on dissertation
Saved $10,000
Online education

This is year one, I will post the next years later. I am proud of myself and the things I have done, that never seems enough.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I am Officially 34

At the Acupuncturist Soaking My Feet

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. At 5:29 pm, I turned 34 years old. Being home for 10 years and analyzing what I have done with my time. Have you ever done something for 10 years? Before I get in to that let me tell you about my birthday. I went to the acupuncturist and got a foot massage, had lunch at the Butler's Pantry. For lunch, a shrimp salad, and potato salad, the table was reserved. Movies The Land of the Lost was interesting. Got some Carlos Santana shoes and dinner at the new Houlihan's. My birthday was relaxing and fun and not over the top. I truly enjoyed my birthday! Thank you!

Reflexology Foot Massage

For the next four months I must continue to pay off the debts I have. Working the after-school and Saturday programs will bring in some extra cash. Just using what I have. Growing up and realizing that there is still more to come. Reading how people travel, live healthier, retire early, make money, and enjoy life, seems to be something that I want for myself. Knowing how to achieve it is half the problem. I know what to do to get the things that I want out of life, but I wonder if I have the focus to actually get it done. To be honest, I have done many things, but one thing I have been told I am afraid of is success. Sometimes I think that to be true. Still haven't gotten my passport. Have the application and taken the picture, but haven't had the money to send it off.
Reflexology Foot Massager

Things happen for a reason and you may never know what that reason is. Waste money for nothing! Why does it always end up that way? There is so much that I want for myself and a short time to get it. Ultimately, I am going to own 10 rental properties! Preferably, duplexes. While I am working, I will pay off Wachovia and the US Dept of Education. Once they are taken care of, I should be able to apply for Teacher Loan Forgiveness.

Shrimp with Potato Salad and Frosted Brown with Strawberries

I just want to live comfortably. Having the things that I want! A green home on 5-10 acres of land. The more houses, I have the cash I will generate. Teaching online is another option for me. What to do once I obtain the PhD? What are my next steps? I have told myself to start applying to a variety of online programs just to see what I can find. Working online would benefit me. The online learning environment is less intrusive. That would be perfect! No face to face interaction.

A Couple of Gifts

It never seems to be enough time, my mind is always thinking of the next best thing. Staying focused has really become an issue. On the Internet, watching tv, talking on the phone, and texting all at the same time. Slow down, think of the things that are important. Also want to get acupuncture and take yoga at least once a month. Not getting any younger. Just want to live better. Take all of the things I know and put them together to make this outstanding woman. Will that actually work? It would if I could just pull it together.

By the way, I am overdrawn in my account. Didn't see that coming. August was something financially for me, this will come to pass. Waiting to hear something back from Walden about my financial aid. My GPA is a 3.39 and my rate of completion is a 67.8%. All I need to know is yes, I will receive financial aid. This will save me $4,000 by the end of 2009, but that will be more money I'll owe back once I finish school. How can I make the money back that I have spent on school?

Looking at my finances overall, I am in a good place. It is frustrating when I want something and I can not get it. I have to put myself in a position where I am financially able to do the things that I want, when I want to. Paying cash for items instead of having them financed. That is the point that I am waiting for. Not living above my means, but living comfortably.

This is another random thoughts, not completely finished, but how I feel right now about what is going on in my life. Which is so much, the birthday weekend was wonderful and I am glad to have seen another year. Hopefully, it will be many more. What I can do is enjoy everyday like it is my last. Not worry and stress over things I can not control that is what I am striving to do. Also make a little money well I am at it. There is so much that I want to learn about life, money, happiness, and just being.

Thank you for this platform to post my feelings and view. I will achieve financial freedom and I will not be to old to enjoy my harvest. Continue to live life to the fullest and never do anything in excess. I didn't mean to rumble, I just needed to say what was on my mind.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Think I am Getting Fed Up

Hello, it has been a long time coming. This school term is coming to an end. I don't have all of my grades, but in one class I have a 98.8. Hopefully all of my grades are good. Using this blog for my distance education course has been helpful, but it has taken away from my posting on the blog.

Things that have been Going On
Work started back the beginning of this month, this has been really tiring for me. As a matter of fact, I am tired right now. Just getting back into the swing of getting up at 6:00 am, taking a shower, to make it to work by 7:30 am, and be on duty by 7:40 am. Staying at work until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday for 180 days, does take a toll on the body. Not only that, dealing with middle school age children and co-workers can be stressful.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my job and am proud to have one. Teaching for 9 years, the time has flown by. I have said time and time again, that I want another job. Thinking about it, going through the interview process can be more stressful then the actual job itself. To some degree I feel that I can't do anything else. I don't know, it is somewhat discouraging being in a position that you want to change, but don't have the motivation to change it.

Working for 9 years has given me money to do the things that I want. Truthfully, I am not where I want to be. Using My Financial Success has allowed me to organize my finances and be able to pay off my debts and get my bills to under $500 a month. That took time and dedication.

July and August have been very intense months financially for me. There have been some things that I was trying to do, that took away from my savings. Still recouping from that. Also, having to pay for school made a big change in my life. Mentally, I have gotten to a point that I am tired of being in school and really need to do what it takes to get it done. Today ends this term. Now, there are only 3 courses, 3 KAMs, 2 residencies, and 1 dissertation until I am done. So looking forward to that.

Currently, I had to go into my savings, which is fine. Reorganizing my finances has been something that I needed to do for the betterment of me. For the last few years I have been saying 40 retire. Well, that is 6 years from now. I also said that at the end of this school year I would not renew my contract. I don't see that. What will happen is work until school is done. I don't know how long it will be before I am able to receive financial aid. If I am unable to get it I will continue to pay for school. If I am able to get it, I will use it and that will be more money coming to me. That is a true catch twenty-two.

My Bill's
Wachovia $100.00 ($2,555.57)
US Dept of Edu $25.00 (13,402.56)
Knology $ $70.04
Mediacom $93.94
Braces $109.00
credit card $50.00
tax lien $990.00 ($5,500)

Plans for the Future
Of course, I have to pay for school that is a priority. I also had to borrow money from my mom that will be paid back at the end of this month. I still haven't paid anything on the tax lien. My portion will be paid at the end of this month too. Don't go to the beach this summer. I plan to go for Labor Day just need some type of relaxation.

Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. That's neither here nor there.
Walden University: $2,000 per month (October and November)
savings: $2,000 per month (September, December, and January)

Giving instructions is something that I enjoy, but I don't know what the future holds for education nor our youth. The teacher has been tasks with so many objectives that teaching really is the last thing that there is to do. I know I will not put in 25 years in the classroom. I am already tired and school just started. To me, my out is real estate. 10 properties by the time I am 40. There has to be a better way. There is it is just up to me to make it happen.

If this has seemed jumbled or just not fluid forgive me, this is how I feel right now. These are random thoughts that need to be put into action. In the words of Tim Gunn, I will make it work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video Presentation on Gender Issues in Distance Education

In my Principles of Distance Education course we had to do a video presentation. My presentation is on Gender Issues in Distance Education. Our objective is to introduce the keynote speaker at a conference in reference to our topic. Below is my video introducing Dr. Brandon Johnson.

Gender Issues in Distance Education
Turn on your Volume

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another 190 Days

Looking back over the summer, I really didn't do much of anything. Let's see I was unable to get financial aid due to not meeting the rate of completion. I did go horseback riding and I went to Surfside Water Park. Other then that, I have been in the house.

I have been thinking about my life and all it has to offer. Time is not slowing down, as a matter of fact, it seems to keep on moving forward. Another 190 days is around the corner. How will I manage my time? Work on my homework is much as possible. Right now this is a priority for me. Also, I need to maximus my profits by doing extra things at work if I can.

During August, there are many things that I will accomplish:

Walden University
Pass the three courses that I am taking. I have to pay for school too. The end of August I will pay $2,000. The term doesn't end until November, I have time to get this taken care of.

I have been in school since August 2005. I took a leave of absence and now I am in it to win it. My hold ups are writing these papers. They are called KAMs. I should have had them complete a long time ago. I have to write three of theme. At this moment, I only have 3 classes, 3 KAMs, 2 residencies, and 1 dissertation to complete my Phd. The courses and the residencies are the easy part. The KAMs and the dissertation is what is getting the best of me. I know it can be done. At the end of the month, I have to purchase the two books for the Breadth Component of KAM I. I will have it done by November. I can see what lies ahead, it is just a matter of focusing and doing what is needed to become Dr. Willetta Jackson.

August Bill's
Tag $70.00
Passport $90.00
T-Mobile $300.00
Braces $109.00
Wachovia $100.00
First Premier $100.00
US Dept of Edu $25.00
Tax Lien (Explorer) $956.35
Savings $1000.00

This is everything that I must pay for the month of August. Things are slowly getting taken care of. I am so proud of myself and my accomplishments. I have wasted time and money and now is the time to get it together. I am not getting any younger and I must use my resources to the fullest.

In the mean time, throughout the following school term, where there are ways to make extra money I will be there. The extra cash will help me pay off Wachovia, First Premier, and Walden. All things are possible, I must just believe.

Right now, I am about to complete my assignment for my Principles of Distance Education course. I am proud of myself and who I have become. I am capable of doing all things. All I have to do is believe.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving Toward Dynamic Technologies

Mindmap on Static and Dynamic Technologies

Where do I see myself on the Static-Dynamic Continuum.

As for now, I am on the Static end of the continuum, but after taken EDUC 8842, I am going to move toward the dynamic end. Static is where the technology is unable to be changing. On the Dynamic end, the learner is more involved on a deeper cognitive level. This is where you use Moller (2008), virtual simulations and gaming, multi-user environments, and mind tools.

Postulate on how you can begin to move toward the dynamic end of the “static-dynamic continuum” as a result of what you have learned in this course thus far.

In order for my class to move from a Static to a Dynamic classroom, I will have to let the students be more involved in the planning of the course. When deciding what standards I will cover the students will assist in determing what they actually want to learn from the course. While doing assignments, they can add things to the assignment that is not necessarily a requirement of the standard. Giving them a opportunity to explain or go in details on how they would create or do something better will move me in the Dynamic direction.

Moller, L. (2008). Static and dynamic technologies. Laureate Education, Inc.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The End Summer Break is Nearing

Summer break is right around the corner and I have made some major improvements. For instance, I took out a loan to pay for school. Actually, I did that just to see if I could get a loan with the tax lien and yes, I was able to. Since I did that school has been paid for for this term (June-August). Also, this will free up major cash at the end of the month. I started paying my bills when they come instead of paying them when I get paid at the end of every month. This has saved my money since I am not paying late fees. At the end of July, I will pay my portion of the tax lien off which totals $956.35. They don't take personal checks so I have to get a money order or cashiers check.

In not having to pay for school I will have a free $2,000 at the end of July and August. The loans monthly payment is $187.00. I took out a $5,000 loan. Thinking and organizing my future financial moves has been trying and I have things completely mapped out.

Walden University
This term has been paid for as I stated. The next term starts in September and lasts until November. Paying for this term is a thing that must be done. It will be done by the end of November. How? Ok, every month brings an extra $2,000. I will not start paying for the fall term until the end of September ($2,000). In October another $2,000 the term will be paid off then. Until I complete school every two months I will pay $2,000 for the term.

I know that financial aid is a good thing. On the other hand, it isn't because that is money that will have to be paid back once I complete school. I already owe about $55,000 in school debt, if I continued to receive financial aid by the time I graduate I will owe over $100,000. Not trying to have that much debt on my report. I am looking at things in a positive light. Yes, I was hoping I would get financial aid once I passed my courses, but I didn't. Truly, this was a blessing in disguise, honestly it was. So thanks for that!

Tax Lien
The total of the tax lien was almost $12,000. Now, it is $6,000 give or take a few. Those in between months that I am not paying for school I will pay off the tax lien. The lien is broken down by two vehicles. The Escalade and the Explorer. The Explorer is the cheaper debt and it will be paid off at the end of this month.

All I know is the lien will not be a factor by the end of 09. Leaving that in this year.

$5,000 Loan
Alright, I know I said I wouldn't get another loan, but I just had to try. Obtaining the loan has stopped much stress I had in having to pay for school. It threw my off when I was told I wouldn't get aid for school. That is A ok! The loan will be paid of in the next three months I believe. My plans are to pay off the loan before the end of the year. In doing this, it will benefit my credit score greatly. Once this loan is paid off I am going to get another one maybe for more money and have it paid off soon too. I have a plan just work with me on that. I am not going backward I promise.

Undergraduate Loans
Wachovia $2,580.57
US Dept of Education $13,000

Wachovia will be paid off by the end of the year. I have been paying $25.00 a month of the US Dept of Education loan. Slowly getting things taken care of. In my mind it is ashamed to have undergraduate debt and I have been out of school since 2000. Go figure. It will all work itself out.

My Savings Plan
I started saving a few months ago and have been dipping into my money. One thing I can say is I put it back. In my savings account I have about $100. When I get paid at the end of the month that will be $1,000. My goal is to have at least $5,000 by the end of the year.

Every other month will be a payment. Paying something toward my debts. School is a priority and I think I finally have it under control. Work with me. Eventhough, I have been paying things off, I still have been wasting money. At some point it has to come to a stop. I see what is going on and I contribute that to My Financial Success. Having to be accountable for my actions is a big thing. Not overdrawing in my account, doing what is right by my money, and learning from others has put a big push to pay off all of my debts. I have a plan and I know it will work all I have to do is stop wasting and do right by the money I receive.

Engaging Learners with New Strategies and Tools

Strategies and Tools in Distance Education

Determine which technological tools and strategies are best for involving learners in building content knowledge, engaging in communication with peers and instructors, and working on authentic, collaborative, problem-based tasks in the online environment.

One strategy that's best for students is that they, Durrington, Berryhill, & Swafford (2006) build interactive relationships among themselves and with the instructor also helps bridge the physical and psychological gap that occurs in online courses. Doing this will lessen the stress of not knowing anything (pg. 190). Being in an online environments can have one feeling isolated and alone. Building relationships will allow the student to have someone that is experiencing the same things to a certain extent.

Also, to support student interactivity in an online environment, Durrington, Berryhill & Swafford (2006) state, the learning environment must be supportive, open, and respectful. The instructor should in the beginning of the course give a detailed syllabus outlining the expectations for each assignment and how you should interact with your peers. There should also be a discussion area that allows for questions where the instructor and peers can respond to one another. All people should participate in this area, the instructor should answers question. The instructors presence should be known within the course.

The instructor as well as the students should ask questions related to their posts. If the instructor poses the question, the question should be in such a way Durrington, Berryhill & Swafford (2006) that all students feel comfortable in responding. The instructor should challenge the student to do more research. In this online environment we don't think to send a private email showing appreciation toward an in-depth response that was given to a post. This will support future participation and enhance the quality and depth of overall interactions within the course.

Overall, the instructors presences needs to be active in order for the students to feel comfortable in an online setting. This type of learning is different than the traditional setting and it offers the same type of results. The students need to interact with one another and need to be kind. The online classroom is different in that the learners are not at the same place at the same time. Regardless of that learning can be achieved if the students are given guidelines and standard to follow. They should know that their interaction with one another is a key part of the online standard.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Storyboard for Video Presentation

Gender Issues in Distance Education

In my Principals of Distance Education course I have to do a video presentation on gender issues. This is the story board, just a basic outline of what I will discuss within my presentation. I am introducing the topic for the keynote speaker at a seminar.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collaboration in Online Learning

Module 3

How should participation in a collaborative learning community be assessed?

There should be a variety of assessments in the online learning community. Palloff & Pratt (2005) feel, evaluation of students in an online course can be challenging. Since you are not in a traditional setting your evaluation needs to assess what learning has been achieved. Eventhough learning is being done in the online classroom the assessments can still be the same. Paloff & Pratt (2005) provide several factors for online assessments.
  • Design learner-centered assessments that include self-reflection
  • Design and include grading rubrics to assess contribution to the discussion as for assignmnets, projects, and the collaboration itself
  • Include collaborative assessments through publicly posting papers along with comments from student to student
  • Encourage students to develop skills in providing feedback by providng guidelines to good feedback and by modeling what is expected
  • Use assessment techniques that fit the context and align with learning objectives
  • Design assessments that are clear, easy to understand, and likely to work in the onine environment
  • Ask for and incorporate student input into how assessment should be conducted

These guidelines set a standard on how grading will be done within the course. Having a variety of assessments gives the student that doesn't work well in groups a opportunity to shine on their individual assignments. This levels the playing field because people are different.

How do the varying levels of skill and knowledge students bring to a course affect the instructor's "fair and equitable assessment" of learning?

There are several examples that come to mind. For instance, student A responses and turns in assignments first, but the contribution as for as responses to classmates and blog posts are minimal. On the other hand, student B turns assignments in late, but gives thoughtful feedback to others. The blog posts are detailed and provide useful information to all that read. The instructor should grade the individual on the contribution to the course and how well the assignments where done.

If a student does not want to network or collaborate in a learning community for an online course, what should the other members of the learning community do?

Communication is the key in making this work. If the student doesn't want to participate this needs to be discussed amongst the team. The team should reach out to the person and find out what is wrong and how they can assist. Once the students have reached out to the member and there is no cooperation. The instructor should be informed of the students lack of interaction with the group. Also, overall reminders to participate in the course should be given by the instructor. Palloff & Pratt (2005) state, the instructor can ease the degree of resistance in the group by simply explaining why the activity is occurring and how it contributes to learnin objectives for the course. Ultimately, it is up to the instructor on how they will assess that individual student.

What role should the instructor play?

The instructors role in this is the facilatator. The instructor gives the assignments and provides the assessments. He/She will leave comments within the course shell providing scholarly dialict amongst the students. The instructor should provide information to the class that will introduce students to new information and or technology. Overall, the instructor should be the backbone of the course.

What impact would this have on his or her assessment plan?

As I stated, the instructors role is to provide information, feedback, and introduce the students to new technologies. The instructor should assess the individual on what they provide to the course. People are individual and what one is good in another my be slacking. The assessment should be done on the quality of the work, how they interact with others, and if they do the work at all. The instructor knows when the student logs on and how long they stay within that shell.

Palloff, R. M., & Pratt, K. (2005). Collaborating online: Learning together in community. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Friday, July 3, 2009

If it's not One Thing It's Another

In my last post, I stated that things are not as bad as they once were. Now, I am begging to differ. Currently, there is a tax lien on my credit report that I was not aware of. Also, there are two undergraduate student loans that need to be paid off so I can qualify for the teacher loan forgiveness program. There can not be any loans prior to 1998 to be able to receive this forgiveness.

Day before yesterday I found out that I didn't meet the requirements to receive financial aid for this term. Turning lemons into lemonade. Not getting financial aid will cut down on the amount of money I will owe once I complete my PhD. On the other hand, this is $4,310 that could be going to something else. The world and it's occurances are something. There are actually three terms in one year. That totals $12,930 a year. I keep telling myself, this is money and interest I do not have to pay out once I am finished.

Since finding out this news, my mind has been going a million miles a minute trying to sort out my plan of action to pay off my debts. Yesterday, I pulled my credit report and found that I have a 587, 635, and 635. My scores are better than they were without the tax lien.

This is my plan of action:
Pay $2,000 a month of debts for the next year. This will total $24,000. Using that money will allow me to pay off the tax lien in three months. Starting in September, it will be paid off by December. Through it all, I am going to continue paying something on Wachovia and US Dept of Education.

Life Happens
Life happens and it is all up to me to make sure I stay afloat. It is so easy to give up and just fall victim. I refuse to be a victim to my debt. Giving up vacations to pay off debt is a sacrifice and I am willing to sacrifice that money to have financial freedom. Another thing, I have $54,000 in school debt. The funny thing about that is I make about this much yearly.
Overall, I am somewhat saddened by not receiving financial aid. This is the outcome of not doing what is needed at the moment. Thinking about my life and how I have wasted time, energy, and money by not doing something when it needed to be done. No longer can I do that to myself. I am tired of doing this to myself and my money. Maturity is taking place and I am proud to say I am ready for the changes to occur in my life. Sacrifice is what is taking place in my life. I am ready for the changes and the debt will be handled.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Finances are Better than They once Were

Looking over finances takes time, dedication, honesty, focus, and a bunch of other things. You must be willing to bear all and open up about the money you make. While writing on My Financial Success I have realized that yes, I have wasted money over the years. Now, I am willing to make a difference with the money I bring home. Once upon a time, I couldn't tell you where my money went. All I knew is that it was all gone. No more and there where still 15 days left in the month. Truly, I got tired of living that way. The material items and that instantaneous thrill will only last for a moment. The financial value will have depleted over time, no longer being worth the amount that you spent.

No longer will I finance anything. All of my purchases will be with cash, check, money order or cashier's check. The interest rate and fees are ridiculous that are charged when you finance or take out a loan. What is the point? The extra cash you spend payin on that could be going to something else.

As for my cable, I got rid of Showtime. I am slowly cutting the extra channels. The phone and Internet can not be cut. I am sure there is something that could be done about my fews. To total I believe my monthly pay out is about $400.00 a month. That really isn't that bad. Working toward cutting more costs.

The tax lien has to be paid separately, so I am going to pay $450.00 for July and August. Those two payments will pay for the Ford Explorer. In September, I will pay $1,000 a month to get the Escalade paid for. Never let anyone use your SSN for anything. I can admit my ignorance. Also, if you purchase a vehicle out of state the sales tax is not included in that purchase. The SSN thing I knew that and I thought the person would handle responsibilities, I was wrong. Purchasing a vehicle out of state and tagging it in another county was new on me. You live and you learn.

These are my serious debts
Wachovia $3600
Tax Lien $6,000
US Dept of Education $13,000

In order to pay off my debts, I will put all of my extra cash toward the above listed challenges. Figuring out other avenues where I cut corners on spending. $24,000 will be paid off by August 2o1o. I will say it over and over, the money I make is not mine if I owe a collector. I will pay off these debts and have them behind me. In the mean time, I will save cash too. No longer will I waste the money that I make. I have a goal to retire by 40. Doing the things that I have been doing in the past have not been successful. Changing my money habits will benefit me and my family in the long run. Building generational wealth is my goal.

Haven't heard anything from my appeal letter for reinstatement of my financial aid. Will call tomorrow to find out what is going on. They said it would be 2 weeks, it has been 15 days.

The other day, I went to Barnes and Noble and looked over some personal finance books. They really motivated me to get back on track. Really tired of wasting money.

It takes a person to finally get tired of things to really make a difference, well I am tired.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Elements of Distance Education Diffusion

The Future of Distance Education

By: George Siemens

EDUC 8842: Principals of Distance Education

I agree with Siemens view on global diversity, communication, and collaborative interaction. These elements do create an effective experience and allow distance education to stand on its own. Traditional classrooms offer face to face interaction and is scheduled at a specific day and time. Online learning gives the student enonomity and affords an opportunity to interact with individuals with whom they may not in an traditional setting.
Distance education benefits corporations by allowing them to interact with different offices around the world.

What online tools are available today to facilitate these interactions among leaners?
There are several tools that will facilitate interactions in the online setting.
For instance:
Assignments within the course shell allow for dailouge.
Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other online social network sites give students another avenue to discuss course assignments.
Skype gives classmates a chance to use new technology to hold conversations about the courses.
Not only can these tools be used with the students, it can be used with the professors.

Siemens stated examples of what fuels distance education's growing acceptance:
The increase in online communicationPractional experience with new toolsGrowing comfort with online discourseAbility to communicate with diverse global groups

Distance education will continue to grow and change. Siemens feels it will be impacted by:
New communication technologies
Contribution by experts around the world
Increased use of multimedia, games, and simulations

Also in moving toward a growing shift in online education, it has been called the triple helix model of education. This is where universities, government, and businesses work together to provide and equip students with the online environment.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Learning From Every Post

There have been gains as far as My Financial Success is concerned. Every post tends to be different. Overall, this blog is about what steps I take to achieve financial freedom. The journey has been long and hard and I feel that I have grown every day. It takes time and dedication to grow from your own mistakes and to learn from what others have done.

Right now, I am at a block. To do this or to do that. Peggy has been giving me some sound advice. Growth is something that I am doing and I have to build to just say no to somethings. For instance, I know I can watch tv on the Internet, but to actually get rid of cable, that is going to take some time. I did get rid of HBO and Cinemax, keeping Showtime, Sundance, Starz, and Encore. Thinking really hard about getting rid of another channel. The phone is another issue, having the Internet and phone in a bundle has given me features that come along with the packet. Caller ID, comes in handy. Getting rid of call waiting, three way, and all the other things will save me money two. My phone bill may just be under $25.00 a month cutting those features.

Sometimes I get confused on what is more important. Here are the challenges that I face financially. Background history, two loans from undergraduate school have not been paid in full. They are in deferment until January 2011 (anticipated graduation date Walden University). Since I work at a low income school, I qualify for teacher loan forgiveness program. Due to having loans prior to October 1998 the money can not be taken off. Hence my wanting to get these loans paid off so my post graduate loans can be relieved.

Now that the tax lien has reared its ugly head, which is more important?
Wachovia: $2,680.57
Tax Lien: $5,927.42
US Dept. of Education: $13,402.56

The quicker I pay them off the quicker I can do other things. Maybe this is what I will do. Instead of paying $200.00 a month on Wachovia, I will be $500.00 a month of the tax lien. Wachovia will receive $100 and the US Dept of Education will get $25.00 monthly. More will be paid on Wachovia and the tax lien as I make more money. The tax lien and Wachovia will be done for by December 09.

What is important tends to take the back burner to things that hold no relevance to my life. It is so easy to loss sight of the main thing. This month was one of them. There are only 9 weeks to my vacation and I have wasted almost 3 of them. Relaxing, getting confused, and not doing a thing has me feeling lackadesic. The real estate bug has biten me again. Properties are out there waiting to be purchased and rented out.

Back to the debts. I am going to pay the minimum on the student loans and put the lump sum on the tax lien. I have to get what I want for me. Having the lien paid for will allow me other opportunties. Working extra, selling candles, and tutoring will support paying off debt. It will be done.

Right now, I feel anxious ready to make things happen. Taking one day at a time and doing what I can with what I have will help. Things will work themselves out. It takes me to always be ontop of my money and put it to good use.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Handling Money Takes Time and Effort

It's Your Money, What will You do with It?
Working with my finances has taken patience and understand. The patience has to come from within. It has taken time, learning, and building to get to where I am. Do not be afraid to discuss your finances. Your money isn't a dirty little secret. Stand up to them. The money is yours. Don't spend more than you make. Save some and grow from what you have. Material items what do they really mean? Honestly, nothing, and I know that. This is why I am working toward having something in the future.

Paying Bills on Time
Paying my cable bill was interesting. I was told that if a technican has to come out it is a $29.00 fee. What is that? I have some understanding of what the problem was. Paying my bills at the end of the month is putting me a month behind. The cable bill was the first bill that I paid when it came out. This is a new routine for me. Sticking with it will eliminate the late fees. I also paid my cell phone bill.

Tax Lien
The tax lien has taken time to get situated. Taking time to send paperwork to the Dept. of Revenue has cut penalties, fees, and other costs in half. Now I have to determine how I will get this debt taking care of. I know I have have it paid for before I can qualify for a loan. The quicker it is paid for the quicker I can move and get rental properties. Push comes to shove I can have this paid off in 6 months (December 09). This will give ample time to get my credit score up to move by the summer 10.

Walden University
My gpa is a 3.26. I am so proud of myself. With my gpa going above a 3.00 I am eligible for financial aid. Getting my courses done and completing the KAMs will have me a step closer to completing the program. My mind has to be in order to organize all of the things that I need to do to get things done. Procrastination is something that I have to get rid of. Something that has been racking my brain is what to do with the PhD once it is obtained.

Life After PhD
Having an online business would be great. Do I want to do the business school for secondary students, and adult learning center, buy duplexes? What do I do? So many choices and I know I can do more then one thing. Thinking less of myself is an issue too. I deserve so much more and being able to obtain it is totally up to me. Know what I want is the thing, I see it and getting to it really takes focus. To be in the world and not of it is such I serious thing.

July Things
savings $300.00 (Peggy, I am paying myself)
water $90.00
Geico $221.00
Knology $121.00
Wachovia $100.00
Tax Lien $500.00
US Dept of Education $25.00

Betty's Only
There is someone that has been helping me sell my candles. Coming into my cousins house, I made $30.00 in a matter of minutes selling Betty's Only candles. I will be giving him candles once a month to sell for me. Sitting on money. Just want to get the candles out there.

Posting on My Financial Success
Writing on my blog has helped me see what I am doing wrong with me money. Accountability and effort is what it has taken me to see the forest for the trees. Being honest to you about my money helps to be realistic about the money and what I do with it. I remember asking, "Where is my money going?" Now, I can say I know where my money is going.

This post may be scattered and given me a sounding board. Posting is relaxing and allows me to express myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Changes Do I need to Make?

This month I haven't been doing the right thing with my money. Spending on unnecessary items, that really don't mean a thing. To be truthful, I don't know how much money I have spent since the beginning of the month. All I know is that it is much more then I wanted to spend. We have been eating out everday and that is more money coming out.

Walden University
I passed my courses this past term. I am taking two courses now and my independent study. Paying for school was trying and it let me know that I make a decent amount of money. It is all about doing the right thing with my cash. Now that another term has started I am waiting until tomorrow to find out if my GPA has increased. This will allow me to get financial aid which is greatly needed.

Paying Bills On Time
Thinking about my finances has me realizing that I have late fees on my accounts due to paying my bills when I get paid at the end of the month. Starting this month, I will pay my bills when they come.

Tax Lien
Disputing the tax lien made a major difference in how much I have to pay. In the beginning the tax lien was almost $12,000. Now it is $6,000 and that will be paid off by the end of the year. Paying the lien will allow us to finally be able to move and for me to get more properties.

Online Banking
The strangest thing happened with my online banking. Monthly, I pay for my braces using this service. In the mail, I received a late statement for $243.00. This is a late payment for May and June's regular cost. What has happened? May's bill has not been paid. The last time that I talked with secretary at the orthodontist office the May payment came the June's. I owe a late payment for this. Where was the check? This was an incident that occured that can't be explained. I have learned and I am truly thinking of taking the payment with me from now on. I will have to see first.

Things that I have done
windshield wipers
back speaker fixed

Things needed to do
sell candles
renew Betty's Only
raining and headliner (Liam)
new tires
grill fixed (Liam)
pass classes
get financial aid
get passport

June Bill's
T-Mobile $60.00
Water $90.00
Geico $221.00
Braces $109.00
Wachovia $200.00
Tax Lien $200.00
US Dept of Education $25.00

These are the things that I am currently experiencing. Daily, I learn from others and try to stay focused on what is important in my life. There is still so much more to learn. My posts are about my life and what it takes for me to obtain the financial security. Growing and building is what I am focused on. All I can tell you is what I know and read from others.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Principles of Distance Education

As you all may know I am in school at Walden University. Currently, I am taking two courses. One course, Principles of Distance Education is allowing us to use our blog to discuss our assignments. We have been placed in groups. My group consists of 3 members including Peggy Creighton and Erin Mitchell, and me.

After reading the three articles by Moller, Huett, Foshay, and Coleman, and watching or listening to the Simonson videos, compare and contrast the reasons these authors believe there is a need to evolve distance education to the next generation. Do you agree with their positions? Why or why not?

My Response
Moller, Huett, Foshay, Coleman, and Simonson believe there is a need to evolve distance education to the next generation because as time moves forward learners become more advanced. Coleman stated that distance education has been around for centuries or decades. For instance, the matchbook covers (be a detective online), correspondence schools, and distance education have offered e-learning to assist those people that want to learn other than using a conventional system.

Simonson says, today, distance education is widely adopted and approaching critical mass in society. With this growth, education is going to have to fit the learner. As a society, we are moving toward individualized learning, and distance education will provide that for the individual. In the k-12 environment, years ago there were no computers in the classroom, now each room has at least five. The education has to be geared toward the learner. The youth of today have the Internet, cell phones, video games, just to name a few. Having the variety of technologies, the education will have to adapt on order to meet the needs of the learners.

I do agree with their positions. The students that I teach are somewhat advanced and in order to grasp their attention the education needs to fit their interests. These student use the Internet and cell phones to interact with one another. Why can't they use these mediums when it comes to education?

Distance Education: The Next Generation

Moller, L., Foshay, W., & Huett, J. (2008, May/June). The evolution of distance education: Implications for instructional design on the potential of the web (Part 1: Training and development). TechTrends, 52(3), 70-75. Use the Academic Search Premier database, and search using the article's Accession Number: 33281719.

Moller, L., Foshay, W., & Huett, J. (2008, May/June). The evolution of distance education: Implications for instructional design on the potential of the web (Part 2: Higher education). TechTrends, 52(4), 66-70. Use the Academic Search Premier database, and search using the article's Accession Number: 33991516.

Huett, J., Moller, L., Foshay, W., & Coleman, C. (2008, September/October). The evolution of distance education: Implications for instructional design on the potential of the web (Part 3: K12). TechTrends, 52(5). 63-67.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge

I have joined a PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge by Man vs. Debt. This challenge is from June 1 to July 31. What is crazy is I started a blog Can I Really Lose Weight. I haven't posted in a very long time, not that long, but still. Accountability is key. Working with a team will help support and fuss when needed. I can not let my team down.

Zeta Team

Check us out to see our progress. We will work together to lose weight.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes, I just don't Know

Payday was Friday and I have spent more then necessary. Things are working out for the best. There are many improvements I honestly can say, but that never is enough. As always, there are many things that need to be done. Here, I will work on sorting out my to do list for this month, financial obligations, and my business plans.

June Plans
get speakers fixed on Liam $170.00
headliner and raining in Liam $500.00
front yard landscaped $500.00 I guess
house cleaned free
throw away things haven't used or worn in over a year free

Financial Obligations other than monthly bills
Wachovia $2,780.57
US Dept. of Education $13,402.56
Tax Lien $12,000

Tax Lien
I wrote a letter to the Dept of Revenue in reference to the tax lien. The total cost has escalated to $12,000 give or take a few. That is awful, there are fees, court costs, accrued costs, and other fees that have come along with having this debt. First, I would like to say yes, I did receive paperwork on this debt, but when I inquired about the debt I never received anything stated exactly what it was in reference to. I have no problem paying the debt, I just want it to be a reasonable price.

Once the lien is taking care of I will prepare to move. There are always things that appear. They are there laying dormant, waiting for the most inopportune moment to rear their ugly face. That will not get me down. I will continue to build from what I have, put my cash to good use, and learn from others. I am looking forward to achieving financial success.

Savings Account
Last month, I started to save some money. It is about time. Within the last few months, I have finally realized what I am doing with my money and how to build and use what I have. I want to thank you and my blog for being there for me to sort out my financial ups and downs. This has truly been a learning process. My learning will never stop. There is so much more to be done with my money.

As for my savings account, I have had this for as long as I have had my checking out. I only had the minimum in it, that is a mess. I started to put money into it last month. Now I have $506.00 in my savings account. That is something big. When I get to $1,000 I may open a Roth IRA.

Business Plans
Paying for Walden University was a big step for me. I recieved a B in my class. Hopefully, I will be off of academic probation. Now, I am taking 2 courses this term. If I have to pay for school that will be another opportunity for me to achieve financial freedom. Turn obstacles into opportunities.

My doman name has expired, I must renew that. O, I haven't purchased my books for this term. That is another financial obligation, that is something that I should have done last week. Crazy.

As for Betty's Only, I have looked into getting a business license, that is something that will be done within the month. There has to be a way to promote Betty's Only. I have a product, I just need to promote it.

This is what is going on with me overall. There is more to say, but finally it all depends on my focus on the situations. What is more important? There is so much and I know I can get it all done. I don't want to work like this forever, there is another route. I know what it is, it is all up to me to get my finances and thoughts in order. Do right with what I have and I can achieve more.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time Keeps Moving Forward

Finally, I am at a point where I know where my money is going. It has taken time, focus, dedication, and determination to actually see. Being sick and tired of overdrawing in my account, not knowing where money was going, and not being able to get the things done that are necessary. That is finally over.

Somethings that have Helped
1. Cutting up my check card
2. Not eating out
3. Filling up on 1/2 a tank
4. Monitoring my spending
5. Not purchasing wastefully

This month has brought about savings. I am still paying off the things that will allow me freedom, but I put up a little cash in my savings account. There is a checking and savings account with the same bank. I have the minimum in my savings account. I transferred $100 into my savings account. Now, I have $300 in that account. I will not withdraw this money for any reason. If I do have to withdraw I will put double back. That is my promise to myself.

In another account, I usually use this account to withdraw and replace money in the other account. I don't mean to be confusing, but I have stopped withdrawing from that account. Things are truly looking up. Other than the lien, all debts are up to date. School will be out for me as of Wednesday. This will give me some time to figure the lien out. I have to get an understanding of the total debt. Once that is done, I will start paying this off. The sooner the better.

Overall, I am proud of the growth I have made, there is still more to come. Since the month was hectic, I didn't go grocery shopping. There has been a cookout or something daily so that saved some money.

Is paid for now I have to complete one more assignment. The term actually ends tonight. My grades should be good enough where I can get financial aid. Have to see how everything goes.

Water $ 90.00
T-Mobile 61.29
Knology 75.00
Mediacom 70.00
Geico 221.00
First Premeire 100.00
savings 250.00
Wachovia 311.00
US Dept of Education 25.00
School Books 150.00 (don't know, but that's what I expect to spend)
Passport 99.00

Things to Do
Get headliner fixed
Raining in truck
Back speakers replaced
Something done to the front yard

The summer is going to bring promise and relaxation. Again, there is so much to do and I will get it all done. Just to be able to say I know where my money is going makes me feel so proud of my accomplishments. There are still somethings that I know I can change, but all together I want happiness and contentment in my life. Receiving those things takes an overall acceptance to just live and enjoy life, this is what I have vowed to do for myself.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whose Money is this Anyway?

I have been afraid to write. For what reason I don't know. Thoughts of posting came, but I never set down to write about what and how I felt about my money. Over time, I have read personal finances blogs, books, quotes, etc. What I have learned is, this is my money and it is up to me to do right by it. Indeed, I work hard and in return I receive a salary. This is money that will come in monthly. Now here is where it gets tricky. Living above my means is what has been going on for years. The time to stop is now. There is so much more to life. Spending money until it is all gone. At the end of the month there is nothing. Debt collectors calling and overdrawn papers in the mail. Is this your money or are you working to pay bills? I don't want to live that way anymore. This will be the first month that I will have more money left over after paying bills. Finally doing right by my cash feels good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been doing some Thinking

The mind is a terrible thing to waste and I wonder how I can use it to its fullest potential. Everyday I am bombarded with questions, tasks, life, and an array of other things that it is hard to truly stay focused on what is important. The things that are important to me are my family, school, and my overall life. Using My Financial Success has helped me realize that this is my money and it is up to me to use it to benefit me and my family. Sometimes I see people and what they have, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what I have and what I do with what I receive. Putting my money to work for me is more important than materialistic things. I am so over having the latest this and the latest that, I just want to be able to live.

Previously, I discussed wanting to own 5-10 acres of land. This is something that I have wanted for some years. All it takes is focus in order to achieve goals. I lost site of what is truly important to me. It is hard to gain focus again, but it is here and I will not let it go.

Reviewing my finances, now that Walden University is paid for, at the end of the month I will have $2000.00 left over every month. That is a major step in my finances. There needs to be more assessing going on, but for the most part that is what will be left over. Not overdrawing in my account and shopping excessively will save me. Before the summer is over, I am going to open a Roth IRA. This is truly needed and will benefit me in the future. So looking forward to that.

As for this lien, I am still working on that. I understand that this is something that I did to myself, but it is crazy. Looking for a lawyer as we speak, but this will not bring me down.
Being able to save more money and live off of what I recieve will be a big step for me.
June will bring on many changes for me, but I know that things will be alright. So money will have to go toward June, but not too much. All I can say is I am proud of myself and the growth I have attained these pasts few months. What I have learned has helped me and I look forward to moving forward.