Thursday, February 21, 2013

Continue to do Good Works

Things are moving an the right direction and I am so proud of my accomplishments.  I received my tax return yesterday and I am making moves toward paying off old debts.  To be honest, I was excited in the morning when I realized that my tax return was in my account.  As the day progressed sadness reared its ugly face.  This was due to understanding that that money would soon be gone.  At least it is going toward old bills that have been hovering over my head for a few years.  One of the first things I paid was Knology I owed $103 to them, next, I paid First Premier, which is my credit card.  I paid the entire debt which was $380.  I also paid for my mortgage.  Greentree is the worst mortgage company that I have dealt with.  My mortgage was sold to them and I truly don't like the company.  Whenever I call, I always get the same person.  My paperwork says that my mortgage payment is $405, but they say it's $600.  I don't what to believe.  Try not to get a mortgage with Greentree, because they are the worst. 

Overall, I am proud of my achievements and really looking forward to getting in a better place with my finances.  No, I am not perfect.  I am human living and having a human experience.  I make mistakes and know that things can only get better.  What I am thinking, I will take out a secured loan for $1,000 and pay it off.  That will help to bring up my credit scores.  The only thing they can do is go up.  This is the worst my scores have ever been and I am looking forward to seeing the progress of growth for my credit scores. 

Things to do:
  1. Write letters to the credit bureaus pertaining to the debts I have paid and the old debts that are older than 7 years, they need to be removed.
  2. Continue to pay for debts so that my credit scores will go up
  3. Make an appointment with my credit counselor to see my progress and what are my next steps
  4. Go to the bank and take out a secured loan for $1,000.  This will help increase my scores
  5. Save, save, and save some more.  Work toward always have at least $3,000 in the bank at all times
  6. Eliminate as much as I can and put that money toward outstanding debts. 
  7. Clean out the refrigerators in storage and put them on Craigslist
  8. Get rid of my storage unit that will save $50+ a month because I am always late
  9. Put all bills on automatic bill pay so that bills will continue to get paid
  10. Get rid of my wireless card, that will cut my cell phone bill down at least $50 a month
  11. Find a house phone that will work with my alarm system that is cheaper than my current bill
These are all great things to do and I am looking forward to making progress.  It takes small steps that turn into big steps.  With the motivation and guidance that I receiving, I will be able to obtain financial success.  First, I must believe in myself and put my best foot forward at all times.  I can do it, the road my be long and hard, but with the help of the Lord, all things are possible. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Subtle Changes are the Best

Yesterday, I posted and I am glad.  I have said it time and time again, I will do better by my blogs and I try to, but of course life gets in the way.  While writing yesterday, I had major thoughts, no I didn't express them, but the thought was there.  I was told that, it's the thought that counts!  Maybe my thoughts can help someone out in the long run. 

There are several things going on in my life and one of them is getting closer to God.  I will admit that I haven't been the perfect christian and know I am not now, but my walk is getting better and better.  I have gone to Sunday School every Sunday this year.  (Sunday School is my thing, I love it because it's personal and you get to share and express).  I have gone to church twice, plus, I have started a workout class at church on Tuesday nights.  It's fun and a way to relax and it's not strenious, something light and to the point.  While going to church, I realized that these are people that have known me my entire life.  I have been blessed to be a member of this church since the day I was born.  I owe that to Betty Jackson, my mother, for this I am thankful! 

Walking this path was not promised to be easy, but it will lead you in the right direction.  In saying this, paying attention to my life and the things I have accomplished or set out to do, I have not completed many of my goals.  Maybe those are the things that were not meant for me to do.  As stated before, my life has had many financial issues, but I press on.  You know why, because life moves on regardless of my wanting it to or not. 

Selling items on Craigslist was a blessing, but did I do right by that money?  No, I didn't.  What did I do with it?  Bought fast food which is not healthy or a good choice for me.  I did spend some of it on a friend that lost his father, I bought food for them and other household items.  So, it all wasn't spent in vain. 

Here I am today thinking about what I can do to better myself and my future!
  1. Continue to get closer to God
  2. Start and end my day with a bible passage
  3. Sell all items in storage so that will be one less bill
  4. Take pictures of the storage unit and post it on Craigslist
  5. Take the refrigerators out of storage and sell them for scrap metal
  6. Take photos of candles and post them on Craiglist
  7. Extra cash that I make put it towards an outstanding bill
  8. Get more organized in my life and realize that I can do all things with God that strengthens me
  9. Understand that I am an individual and regardless, I am someone
  10. Put my best foot forward at all times
  11. Remove toxic situations and people from my life
  12. Continue to do good things and be around good people
There are more things that I can say, but my mind is somewhat clouded.  I did set up automatic bill pay with majority of my bills.  Now, I think all that is left is the power bill.  Looking at the money I have and how I use it, it is crazy.  I get upset because I have bills to pay and instead of doing what I should, I do nothing.  Tired of having to pay late fees, it gets old. 

I forgot that I knew how to arch my own eyebrows, so I bought a tool to do that with.  That saves 10 a month.  Cutting corners anyway possible.  My mother buys me groceries so that's one less bill I have to pay.  My refrigerator is full, that is a blessing and I receive it. 

 As always, things will be alright in the long run.  What I'm realizing is the things we deem important really aren't.  Life, love, happiness, and a relationship with God is all that counts.  Do your best to get closer to the things that are important.  You and me will be alright. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Growing Older and Making Mature Decisions

I have sold dressers out of my storage unit and made 100.  I also sold all of Tanner's things for 70.  This was all done on Craigs List for free.  That made me feel good.  There is something going on in my life and I can't truly explain.  I have to make an adult decision about something and I know what the answer needs to be.  Prioritize is the most important thing.  I will admit that money has been a big issue for me throughout my life and spending a large amount on something that isn't a necessity now is not a bright idea.  So that answers my question to myself.  Plus, I have this sense of worry on my soul and I don't know how to shake it, is it because of me not having a thyroid, not believing in God, or me wanting to have a issue?  I think it's the first and last answer. 

I am behind on my mortgage by a month, I do have the loan modification papers that need to be filled out.  There are many companies that I owe and instead of putting the money toward them, I just don't want to pay anyone.  One good thing that I have done is set up automatic drafts for TMobile, Atomas Energy, and a few others, I can't recall them at the moment. 

There was a proposal giving to me, I may take up the offer.  You only live once is what I heard.  I am growing up and need to make adult decisions that will benefit my future.  One thing that I do know is I don't like paying a mortgage, that's the largest bill that I have.  It's not cute other, having a car note either. 

Getting rid of cable was a big decision for me.  I have Roku it costs 49 plus tax, now I don't have that monthly bill of 120 plus per month.  I did sign up for Netflix and I have the option to receive videos that costs 15 per month.  There is a channel that you can purchase on Roku called PlayonTV for 50, this is a one time fee.  With this channel you can get majority of the local cable stations. 

There are positive financial things going on in my life, I just need to focus and keep it moving.  I may have the selling bug.  I want to get rid of things that are of no importance to me.  For instance, that darn storage.  I am constantly late on my payments so that is more I'm paying in late fees.

I bought a small piggy bank and have been putting in dollars and coins.  When that is full the money will go toward a low debt.  Get it together Ms. Jackson.