Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where Does Your Money Go?

My last post was filled with emotions and honestly that is great. My money has been an issue for me my entire working career. I make plans to do better and that fails. I try to reorganize my spending and that is a failure too. Or just life happens. I refuse to be a victim. I created this blog to assist me with my financial freedom and that is what I plan to do.

Where Does Your Money Go?
The money that I make goes to paying bills. I set goals to save and something happens. I create a budget and my car breaks down. As long as you owe, the money that you make does not belong to you. Let me say that again, as long as you owe, the money that you make does not belong to you. It belongs to your debtors. That is something to seriously think about.

Living Like the Jones'
Most of the people that I know own new cars, bigger houses, the fanciest gadgets, but are in financial turmoil. We were not put here to live like others. The only person we can be is ourselves. You don't know what that family has sacrificed in order to have the things that they do. Also, they may have the newest material items, but be in debt up to their eyeballs. Think about it. All you need to do is cut your spending and pay off bills. The more you cut the more money you will have to get rid of the debt that you have.

Self Evaluation
I have payed attention to my spending. I don't have bad habits of spending. I have been saving money because I cut out a bad habit. That saves much a month. I cut my text messaging and that saves $5.00 a month. That is greatly needed. I also called my phone company to see about the extra features, but they come along with my plan. If I cut them, it wouldn't make a difference in the cost. Cable is another thing. It is hard, I know that I can save about $20.00 a month if I get rid of the extra channels that I have. On Demand and FitTV are awesome.

Also, my mortgages have been going up on my rental properties. I am going to call the mortgage companies to see what can be done to get my payments lowered.

Cooking dinner and preparing lunch has saved money too. I am 33 years old and want so much out of life. It is a matter of taking my time to organize my life.

Things Happen
The tax lien on my credit had me tripping, but I sent letters with the documentation to the credit bureaus Monday. Where there's a will there's a way.

My friend had her entire federal tax refund taken because she didn't pay her student loans on time.

Preparation is always key. You never know what the cosmos has in store for you. That is why it is beneficial to do right by your money. I have been working professionally for the last 9 years. How much money do I have saved or invested? In my eyes, the purchase of my rental properties is the only good thing I have done with my money.

Learn from others mistakes and do the right thing. Live for tomorrow not for today. The money you spend could be used for your future. Think about it.

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