Thursday, March 26, 2009

The World Keeps Turning

Good morning,

Everything is everything! Been working on getting finances organized as usual and paying off bills. Many things have been going on, but for the most part, I have been doing homework and staying focused on main goals.

Started tutoring a kindergartner for $15 an hour once a week. I also started working the after school and Saturday program getting my hourly rate. Overall, this will be 5 extra hours a week of my hourly pay! That is great! Even though I have the lien still, my taxes were not taken so I have that money too. I went ahead and paid some of my bills early. I paid $90 on the water bill, I will not have to pay that until June. My goal is to get ahead.

Still have to pay for school. All of that is figured out. Overall, I have my best foot forward and I am looking forward to doing the right thing with the money that I have been given.

Large Debt
US Dept of Edu $13,734 + ( send $25 a month until other bill paid)
Tax Lien $8,000 + (rewrite letter to credit bureaus if doesn't work will get a lawyer)
Wachovia $2,953.34 (paying $168 a month)
Walden University $4310 (pay $3260 end of March)

There are other debts too, but these are the ones that I am focusing on.
Cut Backs
I did get rid of HBO and Cinemax as I stated, that will save about $300 a year. Via Facebook, there was this application that started charging me $10.00 a month to receive messages on my cell phone, got rid of that.

I also went to Sam's to do my grocery shopping for the month. That made me feel grown. I have food for the next few weeks still. The only things that I need to buy are some vegetables.

Things are looking good and I can see the forest for the trees. This money thing is really not that bad. Its just a matter of staying focused on putting your money in the right places.

With my tax return, I now have an emergency fund that I will keep in case of emergencies. I don't and will not waste this tax return. It is crazy how you get that money and it goes through your fingers like the sands of an hour glass. I refuse to waste that money. A part of my tax return is going to pay for school ($1500 to be specific). School will not be paid for until the end of March. At the end of the month, I will pay $2500 to Walden and owe I $1810 that has to be paid by the end of May in order for me to register for the next term. I also paid Knology, Mediacom, the water bill, my braces, and Wachovia ($531.94).

I will have it paid for by the end of May so that I can register for the next term. I went ahead and applied for financial aid too. The reason I have to pay for school on my own is due to being on academic probation. Once I get off of that I should be able to get financial aid.

One of my tenants is moving out at the end of August beginning of September. I am losing money at this house. I want to maximize my profits. Been thinking of turning that house into a Personal Care Home. Got the application off line filling it out now. I know it will take dedication and hard work, but I am all about doing what I can with what I have. Having a personal care home will give me more money for the house. I will be able to employee people and be a manager. Anything worth having is worth putting time and effort into.
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