Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Money More Problems

It's a rainy morning here in Columbus, GA. That doesn't stop the fact of bills having to be paid and life moving on. Regardless, things are constantly moving forward. It is how you handle situations. Stress doesn't make anything change, maybe your emotions and some physical aspects of yourself. The stress will not make the bills or problems go away. Maybe this seems to be somewhat gloomy because I may be tired, but really there is nothing wrong.

Like I stated in my previous post, I did receive my tax return. I paid off several bills, this put me a month or so ahead. School is another thing. There are so many things to do and all of the time in the world. 24 hours just doesn't seem like enough time to do anything especially when you work from 7:40 am-4 pm daily excluding Saturday and Sunday.

US Dept of Education $13,709 + (putting $25 a month)
Wachovia $2,795.34 ($168.00 a month until paid off, depends on other obligations)
Walden University $2,810 ($2,000 I have to withdraw $ from other account)
Tax Lien $8,000 (this is some bull, don't have anything to say, but I may have to take care of this on my own)

No Grocery Shopping for Me
Due to all of my financial issues, my other half went grocery shopping for me so that saved about $200 for the month. That is a blessing in disguise, thanks for all of the support!

Spring Break
Friday will be the last day before spring break. Really thinking about going somewhere that I will not have to spend much money. Medieval Times in Atlanta. If we go there we can stay with one of my friends and just pay for gas and the tickets. It all depends. Will sort out plans today! As a matter of fact, right now, my main thing is paying off school. I must register for my classes. Can not be left behind.

Thankful for Progress
I am thankful for all of the progress that I have made. Reading PF blogs has really been a support for me. If they can do it I can too. Multiple streams of income is what I am striving to achieve.

Flood Insurance
I did get the flood insurance on my property which I may never use. The city did some rezoning. Last year was the first year of needing the insurance. I didn't get it on my own, so SunTrust got it for me. The policy with them is $700 for the year. State Farm offers it too, that policy costs $580 a year. I faxed the policy to SunTrust last night. I will get an updated mortgage payment. Having a cheaper policy will drop my monthly mortgage payment some. That is a good thing.

Taking One Day at a Time
There are so many things that I want and need to do for this blog. I will take my time and get things together. Maybe I will help someone with their finances. It is hard, but overall it is worth it, seeing financial and personal growth. I am glad that I decided to start my blogs.
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