Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here I Am

It always seems the same. Doing the same old things, not posting to no blog for months at a time, just trying to enjoy this life. All the same things, and here I am. Time keeps moving forward and so do I.

The house is rented out on Parkchester. Thank you Leslie and Lone Wollow Enterprises for allowing your workers to live in my home. I still haven't finished paying on getting the house fixed. He doesn't know what he did with his receipts. $2,900 has already been paid, I was supposed to pay something, this month, but I haven't. My mother kept asking me if I paid him and that I didn't know how much I owed. I asked and that has been almost 3 weeks ago. Well, I will pay him when I find out how much it is.

There are still some more things that need to be done to the yard.
Backyard leveled
All of the trees cut down
Privacy fence
Grass seeds front yard

Been working on getting group home up and running. The name is Betty Jackson's Home for Teens. Gone through the paperwork of filing name with county and state. Now, I am working on the Policy and Procedures, Disaster Plan for the home.

Group Home
Fire Alarm Systerm specific for group home
Fire Safety letter
Add trash compacter
Washer and Dryer
Another Bathroom
Handles on all the doors
Screen Door

I have given myself and entire year to have the group home up and running. It is taken time and work to get through everything. I have guidance from someone that already has a group home and it truly helps to be able to talk with him and get some direction. Even though I do procrastinate I have gotten many things done.

More things needed for Group Home
Letter from Dentist
Letter from Doctor
Order book from state

Had to do another eviction. This is for my mother's house on Oneal Street. I don't know if she's still there or if she's moved. I have to go to court Monday to complete the eviction. That's crazy. I don't know. Maybe some more workers can move into the house, it's only a 2 bedroom and 1 bath. If not, will go up on the rent to $475. I believe there needs to be some small things done to the house. Hopefully the eviction will go smooth so that my mom can start back making money.

I don't know how my finances are looking. I am finally at a place where I know where my money goes and I am not overspending. The best thing I could have done for myself was to cut up my check card. The best thing since cooking with gas. Now, I write checks and use online banking to pay bills. I borrowed $1,500 off of some money I had in the bank. I still have the loan from last August when I had to pay for school. Looking at all of the debt, I will say I owe about $5,000 to MEA.

I spoke with Mr. Leonard about the houses on Colorado Street. He is still in Baltimore trying to sell the house there. Once that is complete he will be getting with me. Buying 3 houses for $45,000 and owner financed and I great deal.

Money on hand
TIC 1785
MEA 1769
Suntrust 750
Total 4304

That's a pretty decent amont of change. There are so many things that need to be done and at the same time there are debts to be paid.

Money owed I talked about this earlier
MEA 5488 (2 loans)
Tax Lien 5000

What I was thinking is to pay off something maybe next month and get what I can done. I must remember to save something, because I don't know when I may close on the houses. Overall, I am in a good place and I know that I must pay off the debts and stop wasting money. Now that I see everything that I have to do it makes it easier to know it can and will be achieved.

Maybe at the end of this month I will pay the m0ney that I borrowed off of. I didn't tell you that my Wachovia Student loan is 2250. That's something else that I wanted to have paid off this year. Be a manager of money. Then I think about the length of time I have had the debt, that's another thing. That Wachovia loan has been with me some undergraduate school, that's not cool. That will be the first one I pay off this summer.

Another thing, school is going well. Waiting for my mentor to get back with me pertaining to my Breadth component. I also have to purchase the books for the Application. In the meantime, I could be working on my Learning Agreement for KAM II. Writing the paper has been a big challenge for me. Not to mention the fact that I have to write 3 of them, a prospectus, and a dissertation before I can be Dr. Willetta Jackson. All part of the process I guess. No, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am glad that I am in school for my PhD. I don't have time to play around, I have done that long enough.

I forgot to mention that in all of this I would love to move to a bigger home. Something with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a 2 car garage, fireplace, and pool. Where there's a will there's a way. This is my life and through it all here I am.
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