Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Really Don't Know What to Say

It seems that my wheels keep on spinning, no matter what. That is how life is. No matter what the time keeps moving forward. My finances haven't been the best lately and I know what and where things went wrong. There are many things that could have been done and weren't. On the other hand, there are many things that were accomplished too.

A few posts back I stated that my credit score had gone up, but now it has dropped. By how much I don't know. Behind 2 months on one house and 1 on the other. I believe that I have to pay 6 months to a year in order for the mortgages to be brought back to good standings.

As I type, the bathroom is getting fixed. So glad about that. The shower still isn't fixed, but now I can take a bath instead of a shower. Got rid of the pedestal sink and put one in with storage under the bottom. Also, used Goof Off to get all of that adhesive off of the ceramic tile. That worked. Changing the bathroom color too.

Just thinking about everything, there has to be a way for me to get back on track. It seems so hard and at times I feel lost. Spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

Haven't been working on the group home, slightly working on my KAM I. Actually waiting to hear a response from my professor.

Let's see starting today, what can I do to get my financial situation back in order.
Stop eating out
Return items not able to use
Put more money on items
Save something every month

US Dept of Education
Tax Lien

Things need to get done at the houses
1027: Railing for stairs on side
637: backyard leveled and jungle removed...privacy fence, ground fault receptacle
3210: motion detector light, handles fixed on tub

Having my passport has me seriously thinking of taking a trip somewhere anywhere. Being able to go to another country and see first hand how they live would be amazing to me.

Take everyday one day at a time. Get things done and put my best foot forward. I will have the mortgage paid for the month on the other house. So I will not be behind. The extra cash that I get will go toward paying Ron or something. Tired of being in this financial place.

This is what I will try to do. Write at least once a week to show some type of improvement.
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