Sunday, April 26, 2009

Highlights of How Come that Idiots Rich and I'm Not

Yesterday, I went to the book store to look at some personal finance books. Doing this tends to relax me and allows me to think outside of the box. The book a looked over was How Come that Idiots Rich and I'm Not. I will give some key points that I found beneficial for my life.

  • Wealth isn't only about money-it's about time. It's about Life, with a capitaL.
  • Priorities should be with your family, friends, relationships, and spiritual pursuits, not with a career. In the end, what else is there?

  • RUBs: Right Side Up and Broke

  • Often the kids who learn the most in school is the one who's in most trouble, because that kid has to learn how to get out of it.

  • If you think too much, you'll grow broke

  • Rich Idiots send their money to work while they stay home and play

  • Turn your own thinking upside down

  • Create a wealth wish list

  • Get a wealth talisman or wealth charm

  • See the invisible Feel the intangible Achieve the impossible


  1. parents

  2. Siblings

  3. spouse

  4. kids

  5. members of family

  6. friends who let you down

  7. co-workers

  8. neighbors

  9. people come in contact with daily

  10. self

Say Daily

I commit to filling my life with wealth and happiness, being bold, taking positive actions, and new results.

Say thank you for what you have ask for more

Things to Do

  • Write down 5 ways your going to receive wealth

  • 5 ways going to give wealth

  • things grateful for

  • 3 people you forgive

  • Decide how much money will make you a Rich Idiot

  • Choose path going to take to reach it
  • Pick activities everyday to help you reach your goal
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