Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Floating on By

Feeling embarassed about this entire thing. The place that I have created for myself. Growing up is something that must be done and I can't beat myself up for the mistakes I've made. The title of this blog is My Financial Success and to be honest I feel that I have none. There are so many things that have happened and I have not been able to get caught up. It is sad. Not and not knowing my financial state is a shame.

Overdrawing in account every month

Get motion dectectors put up
Complete KAM I
One residency
Save $5,000
Pay off Wachovia $1900
Pay off Ron $1900
Get front yard landscaped
Purchase my own home
Purchase land
Get my mind in order
Change insurance companies
Get Liam fixed

Time keeps on passing me by. All I can do is shake my head. My Financial Success deals with getting my finances in order and paying off all debts. Also, Willetta Jackson being debt free. Owing no one. These are the debts that I have as of today.

Ron (November)
Wachovia (January)
SunTrust (October)
Bank of America (October)
US Dept of Education (December 11)
Tax Lien (August 11)
Student Loans
Medical Bill

In my mind, I just need to get my mind in order and focus on what's important. That is so hard. Just really don't feel like doing anything. There are so many things that I need to do and order to make things happen. For instance, complete KAM I, II, & III. Just can't seem to focus and sit down to write these papers. Was going to a residency, but had to cancel that due to finances. Another thing I am going to be fiancially stable to the point where I can pay cash for things and have no monthly payment. Can no longer live check to check. What is wrong with me? That is always the key question. Willetta what is wrong with you?
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