Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Days Keep on Slipping

One day when this is well behind me, I am going to look back and smile. Smile because this situation is catapulted me to a better place a more peaceful and subdued environment. Speaking briefly about the situation. Maybe you have read this from me before, but I am tired. Tired of putting myself in bad situations. All of my life the same old things. Now, there's nothing. Nothing to be happy about, nothing to look forward too, nothing. On the flip side of that, there are many things to be happy about. I have my health, a place to live, my needs are met, there's life. So many things to be proud of. Just doesn't seem like that though.

This is my plan of action. Time waits for no one. This entire things has made me understand more about myself and others. No more will I be that same person, I deserve better than that. No more will I put others feelings in front of my own. Worry no more, everything will be alright and you will look upon this situation and know that it served a purpose in your life. It does and will.

Like I have stated previously, I am behind on many things. Bills ontop of bills is what I have. More or less I have gone through a divorce. Picking up the pieces, not knowing which way is up. Slowly they are coming back together. No where to turn, if things go wrong, I have to be the sole supporter of me. No more love from the other side.

Looking at things on a lighter note.

Walden: once one thing is done something else always happens
First Premier
Tax Lien

There is something going on in my life. For the past year it has been a down hill spiral for me. The last few days have been strange too. Lost my license only to find it. Got pulled over only to get a warning. Car will not crank, have to get it fixed. Out and about and things took longer than they would normally. Now I'm back home to do nothing. My life has been a bunch of wo is me.

One day financial success will be mine. In the meantime, this thing called life is kicking my butt. What is going on in my life? Cleanse myself completely. No more bad things. Willetta, you will be ok! Trust that, it seems bad now, but everything has its purpose. You will be ok!

Not being able to focus on what's important has been a downfall of mean. At least the mortgages are paid. I'm going to wait to see what is wrong with Liam and how much it's going to cost to get him out of the shop. In my world, it just keeps on raining! Get it together girl, get it together!
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