Saturday, September 10, 2011

Been Thinking Earlier Today

Almost finished moving everything.  I decided to leave the refrigerator and stove in the house.  If someone comes and steals it so be it. 

There are a few things that I have discovered throughout all of the things that have been happening!

  1. Attach to nothing
  2. Slow down, don't make the first decision that comes to mind.  Sleep on it and come up with a decision the next day.
  3. Worry not, things have a way of working themselves out
  4. Let people help me
  5. Shop around.  Don't always jump on the first one.  Get bids, don't just tell them they have the job
  6. Stop spending so much, take my time in making decisions
  7. Be honest
What will happen is going to get a for rent sign and put in the front of the house.
Write letters to the mortgage company asking for a better interest rate and a grace period
Disconnect the utilities, all of them

As I come up with ideas I will post them.  To some extent I think I am crazy, but not as crazy as others.  Will work toward purchasing these properties and keep it moving.  Thanks for reading!
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