Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is the Skinny

Have cut all ties with the house on Colorado Street.  Staying with my mom, feel such like a loser.  Paying off bills, but not doing that in the correct order.  So, so very sad.  On a lighter note, I feel free from all of the stress that I had this time last month.  Follow me, you know sometimes, my writing is sometimes random.  These are the things I need to get done.  Also, I was told that I am lazy and I am not retired.  I truly understand what that means.  I do things at my own pace.  Not anyone elses.  I have also been told that I am a free spirit, whatever that means.  I guess I can look that up. 

Behind on mortgages
Car note
House repaired on Fisk
Find me a place to stay:  This is really not working for me!
Get business license for WJJ Properties
Put houses under LLC
Doctor Hospital

Slowing down has really help me get it together.  I know I have potential, it's just tapping into it.  It seems that I keep making the same mistakes.  A budget is in my future.

November bills
Car note
House repaired on Fisk
Have to find me a place to stay by February

Of course these are random thoughts, but last month was something, a big chaotic mess.  That landed me to here.  Make it work is what I say!  It's a long journey, but I will make small steps to get where I need to be. 

Also, good tenants!
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