Monday, May 28, 2012

Trouble is Always There

8 months later and still finances are an issue of mine.  As the saying goes, I can't win for losing.  Don't get me wrong things are good and I always get out of the situation I am in. 

This is what is going on:  
Parkchester about to go in foreclosure.  Probably already in it $3500
Gas bill
TMobile about to be turned off
Direct TV turned off
Marybelle tire and brakes
Liam muffler and air
Tax Lien
US Dept of Education

I am blessed, don't get me wrong.  There are plenty of wonderful things that have happened.  I am glad to have been able to receive and experience all of them.  Being able to conquer these financial issues will let me know that I can do anything.  The sad and funny part of it all is that money comes in, and I misuse it.  That is all that it is, I don't respect money.  I said.  I have two checks that I haven't cashed, one is almost 2 months old. 

As I stated, money comes in and I don't use it how it should be.  Plus I am owed $2850.  Filing for an eviction tomorrow.  Overdrawn in my account too.  The story of my life.  I can help everybody, but I can't seem to help myself.  So very sad. 

The other day I wrote out all of the bills that I owe.  I get paid in a few days. 
Should I take money out of one account to clear the checking from being overdrawn?
Pay gas bill
When I get paid take all of my money and pay off the foreclosure?  Leaving me broke for the enitre month.  ( I will get a refund at the end of June)
Family reunion at the end of June, need to purchase ticket and find a place to stay
Too hot to drive Liam, sometimes he doesn't want to crank
Marybelle's tire is flat and it has a sensor in it and her breaks need fixing

What makes matters worse is, I have the money, I just don't want to pay my bills.  I said it, ok!  That's the truth of the matter.  Things always work themselves out.  Didn't mention that the back of Parkchester is awful full of weeds.  Working on turning that into a group home.  Learn how to make arrangments with the different companies.
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