Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 Is Coming Fast

I do believe that I only used this blog twice this year and my finances of come to pieces.  There have been so many things that have taken place since the last time to wrote a post. 

For instance: 
Lost house of Parkchester, still haven't seen about that.  the insurance has lapsed and I haven't taken the time to do anything.  I felt like I failure and didn't and really haven't talked about this to anyone.
Direct tv disconnected
ADT from Oneal Street
Storage want to put everything on Craigslist or something, behind, next month things will be auctioned off, that isn't happening
Marybelle brakes and running hot
Liam air conditioning and loud noise
US Dept of Education
Tax Lien

On a lighter note, I do know where my money is going and that is a good thing.  I actually see now, where I didn't before.  Spending isn't a big thing.  I know where my money is going.  Not just wasting cash.  Not eating out anymore, which is a good thing. 

Now to put the money toward bills that have been lingering for a while.  Lossing the house to me made me feel like a total failure, as if there was no recovery.  Then I was told that just like I got that house and the other one, I can get another one.  Since it was put to me like that, I completely understand.  The money I receive should be used to help build up my future, not wasted on things that aren't important! 

This period has been a learning one for me and it is time that I make changes that will benefit me in the long run.  Not having a cable bill has helped me put that money toward other things.  Time keeps on moving and in 3 years I will be 40 years of age.  There has been so many money that I have wasted on things that have no value.  Many of which I no longer own and don't know what happened to them.  Life, true is a journey, but it is all how you make it.  Live and learn and don't hold on to the past.  Grow from it and become a better person. 

Daily I am learning what and what not to do.  I am going to make mistakes, but as long as I learn things will be fine!  No, I am not embarrassed of my happenings, I am here for you to learn from me.  It's ok, life goes on! 

I will not be away for long.  Like I always say, things tend to work themselves out, they always do. 

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