Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Almost a Year Later

There have been many things that have happened in my life.  To go back a few years ago, I found out I had thyroid cancer, cured, and this year, actually a few days ago I had a little boy.  So happy about that.  How does this deal with finances you may ask.  Well, I had to pay for the delivery, not the entire amount, but my co-pay which was close to 2,000 up front.  While in the hospital bed, this matter had to be satisfied.

The summer months
In my opinion, the summer months tend to be the hardest for me, why?  I don't know.  A lot of mismanagement of money.  I got Liam fixed that was 1,200, the check bounced.  Didn't do it on purpose.  The house on Oneal Street, put it on HAP, that was a great decision, but the deposit soon went.  Had to go into money I had saved to pay for the total cost of repairs.

Right now, I am overdrawn in my account close to 500, so that money will be gone when I get paid.  It's one thing after another it always seems.  On top of bills, I have to get my tags.  Last year, my mom get my tags for me.  This has to be done.  Another thing, I have to give my mom the money back for the delivery of the baby.  Not to mention, I am still in school, yes, I am!  Two terms behind to total 5000.  It seems I can't win for losing.  Don't know what I do wrong.  It's not like I just spend unnecessarily.

On another note, Liam still needs more work.  Don't think I want to drive Marybelle because that deals with switching gears.  I will not be able to drive for another 5 weeks.   My credit score will not go above 600 for some reason.

I had the most awesome baby shower and didn't have to buy anything except a crib and 2 dressers.  I got everything and that is a huge blessings.  Also, one of my dear friends has a little boy.  She gave me a car seat.  The other day she came with several bags of clothes.  That is money saved.  Will not have to buy him anything for a while.  Maybe not until it gets cold.  So excited and thankful for all of the blessings.  I also got several gift cards.  Since I have exhausted all of my funds, did I mention I had to use the money from the baby shower to help with the house on Oneal.  Another thing, I was able to get a Navy Federal account, the money I had there is gone too.  Having the gift cards has really come in handy.  For that I'm thankful.

It's not that Bad
When it seems things are bad, I have to take a step back and count my blessings.  Life moves forward and in the bed, there's always something good.

Future Plans
Make sure I'm the best mom I can be for this baby.  Looking into getting another job, something online.  Also, I stay in the hood and my neighbors are super nosy, that has nothing to do with it, but I am moving my year of 40.  That will be next year, so within the year of 2015-16, I will move from my home.  I know what HAP is looking for and that is the route I plan on taking.  Previously, I wanted to have my own home built by 40, but now I want to move into a 4 bedroom, 2+ bathroom, 2 car garage, and a fireplace.  This house needs to be in a better neighborhood.  In order to do that save money for that and for the baby.  Also, work on my credit score.

It's almost a year since I have written here and I remember that I loved doing this.  Work with me, for I'm a work in progress.  Life continues to move and I am not doing the same things, but life continues to move forward regardless.  Not going to make any promises, but I will continue to use this to see the changes that have been made.  Another thing Marybelle is 17 months before she'll be paid off.  On that note, that will save 400 a month.  I tried to refinance my home and was unable to due to being late at the end of last year.  That sucks.  I can try again in September.  One thing after another.  My car note and house come close to 1000 a month, that really needs to change and quick.  Once Marybelle is paid off that money can go to something else.

Work with me I'm still learning.  Mind you, there's a baby in the mix now.  Save money for his future, plus, money in case of emergencies.  My tax refund goes to previous debt, but that money is gone now.  What I never do is pay house note or car not.  Thinking next year, I'll pay 2 to 3 months of car note and continue to pay on it monthly.  That'll help me pay Marybelle off sooner.  Medical bills seem to be an issue too.  Tired of getting bills, it just seems that there's never enough money and time to get things done.

I'll be just fine.  I'm learning and that's all I can do.  Thank you for reading, will try not to be done so long!
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