Monday, May 11, 2015

I Got This

Of course, life keeps happening whether I'm with it or not.  The other day, I got pulled over because my tail light is blown and busted.  How long has it been this way?  For years, but it's time to get on the good foot and make things right.  No, I didn't get a ticket, I got a warning which was a blessing and I completely receive it.  The next thing that happened.  I was overdrawn in my account.  Why?  Nelnet took too much money out of my account.  It probably was my fault, but it wasn't right.  The manager wasn't acting concerned about it.  It took a teller to assist with the situation.  If it was up to the manager, Nelnet would have refunded my money, that would have taken 4-6 weeks.  This made me have to go into the savings which I'm already down due to paying my mother.  It's alright, I've been blessed tremendously and I am thankful.

Currently, I am working on my home.  I'm glad that I have the funds to get it repaired.  My fascia board is really bad, over the years, squirrels have been chewing and making it look awful.  By the time I get off work, it will be fixed.  Yes, to that.

Also, my house had a gas leak.  The gas company come and turned the gas off at the heating unit.  It doesn't have to be fixed until the fall.  That'll give me some time to get that done.

Next things
Flooring inside house (front room, kitchen)
House painted
Trees cut around the house

My cars
Liam repaired (towed)
Marybelle tail light and cover, seats fixed, headliner

No matter what, life is going to happen.  It's a matter of how it is handled.  I'll admit, I haven't been on my Ps and Qs, but there is always a season.  It's the season to get things done.  I have a plan and I am going to make it work.  I listen to many adults and I am proud to say that I'm going to be just fine.  No matter what, I got this.  Many times, it doesn't seem like it.  I get down and out because I want help, someone to come and sweep me off of my feet and handle all of my responsibilities.  That isn't my reality.  In the meantime, these things have to get done.  It feels good when my business it taken care of.

Plus, I have a little boy that I must take care of.  He's here to stay, no matter what.  The house is in disarray, there is only time to get it together.  Also, I have to get my car cleaned, it is awful.  This is my life and I got this.  It feels like I don't from time to time and I do feel like I'm going to lose it, but again, that's life.  I deserve a standing ovation, pat on the back, something, but I'll give it to myself.

When things get tough, wipe it off and keep it moving.  I'm going to be alright.

Things to do
Continue paying student loans
Save money, save money, save money

I'm alright all I need to know is that!
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