Thursday, August 18, 2011

Continue to Make the Same Mistakes, but Keep Moving Forward

For the past few days I have been in a kind of odd place.  My emotions are under control, but I can't seem to focus on the things that are important.  I have made many changes and paid off many of the debts I owe.  There is another issue at hand.  Many of the habits that I had have ceased and that is a wonderful thing.  Don't really like talking on the phone anymore.  I would rather text or send a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Overall, I guess, I have downsized my surroundings. 

I moved into the new house, but I am not living there.  There are some things that need to be fixed before I can actually live there.  Well, to be honest, we haven't closed and I don't want to be living there without having completed our contractual agreement.  As I stated in a previous post, I finally realize that I have money so that means that I go to the ATM and withdraw money for no reason. 

On a good note, these are the good things that I have done
Paid off all utilities from Parkchester
Paid for speeding ticket
Paid car note for Marybelle
Bought paint for my new residence
Got front of Fisk organized

Things that I need to do
Get new house fixed to move in
Get Fisk straight for someone to move in
Get heater taken out of Oneal Street
Squirrels in house on Parkchester, get hole fixed
Save $5,000 so that I can close
Pay rent for Fisk and Parkchester
Get tenant for Parkchester

Frustration was my friend the yesterday, I felt like I have taken on to much.  Like everything in my life I am my worst enemy.  Had the money spent the money or wasted it.  No need to worry, because tomorrows coming regardless.  This moment will pass and everything is going to work itself out. 

These are just my thoughts and me venting.  On my journey to owning 10 houses before I'm forty.  There are many good things that I have accomplished, but there has to be more and it will.
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