Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Things are happening so fast and when something gets fixed something else goes wrong. What is the problem? The house on Fisk has a terrible problem. It is not that bad because it can be fixed, just now it's going to cost more than I anticipated. The life of a property owner.

Issues on Fisk
The entire wall has to be replaced in the bathroom
Plus some of the floor
The water pipes are leaking in the bathroom which is connected to the kitchen need to be replaced
Floor in kitchen has dropped has to be replaced

Ontop of all that, the next door neighbor has been complaining about the trees in the backyard. I removed limbs that were on this shed. There are still some hanging over the shed, but not on the house.

Not worried about anything. Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 36. Looking toward making my life better, making the right decisions and bettering myself. There is truly nothing wrong. I may have bit off more than I can chew, but one thing I realized. Will this matter this time next year? No, because if not in Septemember the house will get rented out.

Last night, I sorted out my plans to see how much money I actually spend out every month. I am not doing the things that I need to to ensure that Financial Success will be mine. That is all changing! Taking my time to sort out the important things. I have goals and in order to achieve them there have to be some drastic changes to be made. I will make them and keep it moving. I will look back and so I have achieve the goals I have set for myself. No need to be upset and angry for the mistakes that were made in the past. Correct them and move on.

Also, looking to form a LLC for the properties, must seperate the finances and move from being a landlord to a business owner. The LLC will be WJJ properties.
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