Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Moving On UP

Things are looking up for me at the moment.  Life is great and I am finally making progress toward the things that I want to do.  I am so proud of myself and I have been smiling now for the last couple of days.  Who would have thought?  To be honest, this entire summer has been filled with many mixed emotions.  Crying, not working on my PhD, eating, and doing other things in excess.  I forgot to remember that all things need to be done in moderation.  To account for the excess, I have a cold nodule growing on my thyroid.  I have an appointment tomorrow to find out if or when I will have surgery to have it removed.  One way or another, it has to be removed.  There is no worry in my pertaining to this situation.  All things happen for a reason and I do believe this is the outcome of all the worrying I have been doing over these past two months. 

In the process of purchasing the three houses for $48,000 with $5,000 down owner financing.  The main house I will be living in that.  Never have I lived in a house that I have owned.  This is a big step for mankind!  The house in the back is already rented out.  With my other home and the one in the back, I will not have to pay my own mortgage.  So very excited, really not trying to pay a mortgage out of my own pocket since I haven't paid one since 2000.  That wasn't a mortgage, that was my rent. 

Once this purchase is complete, I will have a total of 5 homes not to include the one I manage for my mom.  There is a for rent sign out here now, I do think I have someone to move in for $450 a month.  The move in cost will be $900.  I can use this money to pay my mortgages, fix up the houses, or use toward my $5,000 deposit.  Trying to decide which of these is a better option.

On the downside of things.  I made a big purchase last month.  I bought the Mini Cooper, the car of my dreams.  Why?  Because I was bored and felt like many things were missing from my life.  I know that financial purchases don't satisfy that emotions, but it felt good to step out and do something that I wanted to do.  Now, I am feeling it.  I ran into a few financial issues. 

Speeding Ticket
Tag for Marybelle
Marybelle's car note (mini cooper)
Power bill
water bill
First Premier
Closing on the houses

Did I mention the bills from the other house?  Now the only other thing to do is organize my next steps.  Haven't worked on anything pertaining to my PhD and time keeps on moving. 

Next steps

Prepare to move
Pay the bills

I am working toward being a better person and achieving all of my goals. 
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