Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY, is Totally for Me

borax, washing soda, baking soda, and grated soap
As I have been working toward cutting corners and making things work, I have learned how to make my own washing powder.  I know, I that it was so cool.  I went to WalMart and bought all of the ingrediants and mixed them together.  What I made smells really fresh and clean, we will see what the outcome will be.  This is another way to cut costs.  Looking at the overall picture, I am home and when I am, I don't watch tv.  This is more money saved.  Cutting costs here and there will help to pay off these bills. 

Another thing, I feel much better about my past and the things that took place.  I had to go through to learn and get in a better place.  Everything is alright and things happen for a reason.  I am learning how to manage and not worry and stress over things.  Yes, money is important, but it doesn't equal happiness.  Life, joy, and love are wonderful aspects of our lives and we tend to push it away for crazy things.  Now, it's time for me to make a difference and put myself first and manage my life. 

It will be a journey that I am willing to take.  Tired of being in that place that I was once in, not knowing what to do to make things better.  Pay off all debt, not incur anymore and put all extra cash toward debts.  This will not be done in vain. 

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