Sunday, February 10, 2013

Subtle Changes are the Best

Yesterday, I posted and I am glad.  I have said it time and time again, I will do better by my blogs and I try to, but of course life gets in the way.  While writing yesterday, I had major thoughts, no I didn't express them, but the thought was there.  I was told that, it's the thought that counts!  Maybe my thoughts can help someone out in the long run. 

There are several things going on in my life and one of them is getting closer to God.  I will admit that I haven't been the perfect christian and know I am not now, but my walk is getting better and better.  I have gone to Sunday School every Sunday this year.  (Sunday School is my thing, I love it because it's personal and you get to share and express).  I have gone to church twice, plus, I have started a workout class at church on Tuesday nights.  It's fun and a way to relax and it's not strenious, something light and to the point.  While going to church, I realized that these are people that have known me my entire life.  I have been blessed to be a member of this church since the day I was born.  I owe that to Betty Jackson, my mother, for this I am thankful! 

Walking this path was not promised to be easy, but it will lead you in the right direction.  In saying this, paying attention to my life and the things I have accomplished or set out to do, I have not completed many of my goals.  Maybe those are the things that were not meant for me to do.  As stated before, my life has had many financial issues, but I press on.  You know why, because life moves on regardless of my wanting it to or not. 

Selling items on Craigslist was a blessing, but did I do right by that money?  No, I didn't.  What did I do with it?  Bought fast food which is not healthy or a good choice for me.  I did spend some of it on a friend that lost his father, I bought food for them and other household items.  So, it all wasn't spent in vain. 

Here I am today thinking about what I can do to better myself and my future!
  1. Continue to get closer to God
  2. Start and end my day with a bible passage
  3. Sell all items in storage so that will be one less bill
  4. Take pictures of the storage unit and post it on Craigslist
  5. Take the refrigerators out of storage and sell them for scrap metal
  6. Take photos of candles and post them on Craiglist
  7. Extra cash that I make put it towards an outstanding bill
  8. Get more organized in my life and realize that I can do all things with God that strengthens me
  9. Understand that I am an individual and regardless, I am someone
  10. Put my best foot forward at all times
  11. Remove toxic situations and people from my life
  12. Continue to do good things and be around good people
There are more things that I can say, but my mind is somewhat clouded.  I did set up automatic bill pay with majority of my bills.  Now, I think all that is left is the power bill.  Looking at the money I have and how I use it, it is crazy.  I get upset because I have bills to pay and instead of doing what I should, I do nothing.  Tired of having to pay late fees, it gets old. 

I forgot that I knew how to arch my own eyebrows, so I bought a tool to do that with.  That saves 10 a month.  Cutting corners anyway possible.  My mother buys me groceries so that's one less bill I have to pay.  My refrigerator is full, that is a blessing and I receive it. 

 As always, things will be alright in the long run.  What I'm realizing is the things we deem important really aren't.  Life, love, happiness, and a relationship with God is all that counts.  Do your best to get closer to the things that are important.  You and me will be alright. 
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