Saturday, February 9, 2013

Growing Older and Making Mature Decisions

I have sold dressers out of my storage unit and made 100.  I also sold all of Tanner's things for 70.  This was all done on Craigs List for free.  That made me feel good.  There is something going on in my life and I can't truly explain.  I have to make an adult decision about something and I know what the answer needs to be.  Prioritize is the most important thing.  I will admit that money has been a big issue for me throughout my life and spending a large amount on something that isn't a necessity now is not a bright idea.  So that answers my question to myself.  Plus, I have this sense of worry on my soul and I don't know how to shake it, is it because of me not having a thyroid, not believing in God, or me wanting to have a issue?  I think it's the first and last answer. 

I am behind on my mortgage by a month, I do have the loan modification papers that need to be filled out.  There are many companies that I owe and instead of putting the money toward them, I just don't want to pay anyone.  One good thing that I have done is set up automatic drafts for TMobile, Atomas Energy, and a few others, I can't recall them at the moment. 

There was a proposal giving to me, I may take up the offer.  You only live once is what I heard.  I am growing up and need to make adult decisions that will benefit my future.  One thing that I do know is I don't like paying a mortgage, that's the largest bill that I have.  It's not cute other, having a car note either. 

Getting rid of cable was a big decision for me.  I have Roku it costs 49 plus tax, now I don't have that monthly bill of 120 plus per month.  I did sign up for Netflix and I have the option to receive videos that costs 15 per month.  There is a channel that you can purchase on Roku called PlayonTV for 50, this is a one time fee.  With this channel you can get majority of the local cable stations. 

There are positive financial things going on in my life, I just need to focus and keep it moving.  I may have the selling bug.  I want to get rid of things that are of no importance to me.  For instance, that darn storage.  I am constantly late on my payments so that is more I'm paying in late fees.

I bought a small piggy bank and have been putting in dollars and coins.  When that is full the money will go toward a low debt.  Get it together Ms. Jackson. 
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