Thursday, June 18, 2009

Handling Money Takes Time and Effort

It's Your Money, What will You do with It?
Working with my finances has taken patience and understand. The patience has to come from within. It has taken time, learning, and building to get to where I am. Do not be afraid to discuss your finances. Your money isn't a dirty little secret. Stand up to them. The money is yours. Don't spend more than you make. Save some and grow from what you have. Material items what do they really mean? Honestly, nothing, and I know that. This is why I am working toward having something in the future.

Paying Bills on Time
Paying my cable bill was interesting. I was told that if a technican has to come out it is a $29.00 fee. What is that? I have some understanding of what the problem was. Paying my bills at the end of the month is putting me a month behind. The cable bill was the first bill that I paid when it came out. This is a new routine for me. Sticking with it will eliminate the late fees. I also paid my cell phone bill.

Tax Lien
The tax lien has taken time to get situated. Taking time to send paperwork to the Dept. of Revenue has cut penalties, fees, and other costs in half. Now I have to determine how I will get this debt taking care of. I know I have have it paid for before I can qualify for a loan. The quicker it is paid for the quicker I can move and get rental properties. Push comes to shove I can have this paid off in 6 months (December 09). This will give ample time to get my credit score up to move by the summer 10.

Walden University
My gpa is a 3.26. I am so proud of myself. With my gpa going above a 3.00 I am eligible for financial aid. Getting my courses done and completing the KAMs will have me a step closer to completing the program. My mind has to be in order to organize all of the things that I need to do to get things done. Procrastination is something that I have to get rid of. Something that has been racking my brain is what to do with the PhD once it is obtained.

Life After PhD
Having an online business would be great. Do I want to do the business school for secondary students, and adult learning center, buy duplexes? What do I do? So many choices and I know I can do more then one thing. Thinking less of myself is an issue too. I deserve so much more and being able to obtain it is totally up to me. Know what I want is the thing, I see it and getting to it really takes focus. To be in the world and not of it is such I serious thing.

July Things
savings $300.00 (Peggy, I am paying myself)
water $90.00
Geico $221.00
Knology $121.00
Wachovia $100.00
Tax Lien $500.00
US Dept of Education $25.00

Betty's Only
There is someone that has been helping me sell my candles. Coming into my cousins house, I made $30.00 in a matter of minutes selling Betty's Only candles. I will be giving him candles once a month to sell for me. Sitting on money. Just want to get the candles out there.

Posting on My Financial Success
Writing on my blog has helped me see what I am doing wrong with me money. Accountability and effort is what it has taken me to see the forest for the trees. Being honest to you about my money helps to be realistic about the money and what I do with it. I remember asking, "Where is my money going?" Now, I can say I know where my money is going.

This post may be scattered and given me a sounding board. Posting is relaxing and allows me to express myself.
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