Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes, I just don't Know

Payday was Friday and I have spent more then necessary. Things are working out for the best. There are many improvements I honestly can say, but that never is enough. As always, there are many things that need to be done. Here, I will work on sorting out my to do list for this month, financial obligations, and my business plans.

June Plans
get speakers fixed on Liam $170.00
headliner and raining in Liam $500.00
front yard landscaped $500.00 I guess
house cleaned free
throw away things haven't used or worn in over a year free

Financial Obligations other than monthly bills
Wachovia $2,780.57
US Dept. of Education $13,402.56
Tax Lien $12,000

Tax Lien
I wrote a letter to the Dept of Revenue in reference to the tax lien. The total cost has escalated to $12,000 give or take a few. That is awful, there are fees, court costs, accrued costs, and other fees that have come along with having this debt. First, I would like to say yes, I did receive paperwork on this debt, but when I inquired about the debt I never received anything stated exactly what it was in reference to. I have no problem paying the debt, I just want it to be a reasonable price.

Once the lien is taking care of I will prepare to move. There are always things that appear. They are there laying dormant, waiting for the most inopportune moment to rear their ugly face. That will not get me down. I will continue to build from what I have, put my cash to good use, and learn from others. I am looking forward to achieving financial success.

Savings Account
Last month, I started to save some money. It is about time. Within the last few months, I have finally realized what I am doing with my money and how to build and use what I have. I want to thank you and my blog for being there for me to sort out my financial ups and downs. This has truly been a learning process. My learning will never stop. There is so much more to be done with my money.

As for my savings account, I have had this for as long as I have had my checking out. I only had the minimum in it, that is a mess. I started to put money into it last month. Now I have $506.00 in my savings account. That is something big. When I get to $1,000 I may open a Roth IRA.

Business Plans
Paying for Walden University was a big step for me. I recieved a B in my class. Hopefully, I will be off of academic probation. Now, I am taking 2 courses this term. If I have to pay for school that will be another opportunity for me to achieve financial freedom. Turn obstacles into opportunities.

My doman name has expired, I must renew that. O, I haven't purchased my books for this term. That is another financial obligation, that is something that I should have done last week. Crazy.

As for Betty's Only, I have looked into getting a business license, that is something that will be done within the month. There has to be a way to promote Betty's Only. I have a product, I just need to promote it.

This is what is going on with me overall. There is more to say, but finally it all depends on my focus on the situations. What is more important? There is so much and I know I can get it all done. I don't want to work like this forever, there is another route. I know what it is, it is all up to me to get my finances and thoughts in order. Do right with what I have and I can achieve more.
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