Monday, June 29, 2009

My Finances are Better than They once Were

Looking over finances takes time, dedication, honesty, focus, and a bunch of other things. You must be willing to bear all and open up about the money you make. While writing on My Financial Success I have realized that yes, I have wasted money over the years. Now, I am willing to make a difference with the money I bring home. Once upon a time, I couldn't tell you where my money went. All I knew is that it was all gone. No more and there where still 15 days left in the month. Truly, I got tired of living that way. The material items and that instantaneous thrill will only last for a moment. The financial value will have depleted over time, no longer being worth the amount that you spent.

No longer will I finance anything. All of my purchases will be with cash, check, money order or cashier's check. The interest rate and fees are ridiculous that are charged when you finance or take out a loan. What is the point? The extra cash you spend payin on that could be going to something else.

As for my cable, I got rid of Showtime. I am slowly cutting the extra channels. The phone and Internet can not be cut. I am sure there is something that could be done about my fews. To total I believe my monthly pay out is about $400.00 a month. That really isn't that bad. Working toward cutting more costs.

The tax lien has to be paid separately, so I am going to pay $450.00 for July and August. Those two payments will pay for the Ford Explorer. In September, I will pay $1,000 a month to get the Escalade paid for. Never let anyone use your SSN for anything. I can admit my ignorance. Also, if you purchase a vehicle out of state the sales tax is not included in that purchase. The SSN thing I knew that and I thought the person would handle responsibilities, I was wrong. Purchasing a vehicle out of state and tagging it in another county was new on me. You live and you learn.

These are my serious debts
Wachovia $3600
Tax Lien $6,000
US Dept of Education $13,000

In order to pay off my debts, I will put all of my extra cash toward the above listed challenges. Figuring out other avenues where I cut corners on spending. $24,000 will be paid off by August 2o1o. I will say it over and over, the money I make is not mine if I owe a collector. I will pay off these debts and have them behind me. In the mean time, I will save cash too. No longer will I waste the money that I make. I have a goal to retire by 40. Doing the things that I have been doing in the past have not been successful. Changing my money habits will benefit me and my family in the long run. Building generational wealth is my goal.

Haven't heard anything from my appeal letter for reinstatement of my financial aid. Will call tomorrow to find out what is going on. They said it would be 2 weeks, it has been 15 days.

The other day, I went to Barnes and Noble and looked over some personal finance books. They really motivated me to get back on track. Really tired of wasting money.

It takes a person to finally get tired of things to really make a difference, well I am tired.
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