Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another 190 Days

Looking back over the summer, I really didn't do much of anything. Let's see I was unable to get financial aid due to not meeting the rate of completion. I did go horseback riding and I went to Surfside Water Park. Other then that, I have been in the house.

I have been thinking about my life and all it has to offer. Time is not slowing down, as a matter of fact, it seems to keep on moving forward. Another 190 days is around the corner. How will I manage my time? Work on my homework is much as possible. Right now this is a priority for me. Also, I need to maximus my profits by doing extra things at work if I can.

During August, there are many things that I will accomplish:

Walden University
Pass the three courses that I am taking. I have to pay for school too. The end of August I will pay $2,000. The term doesn't end until November, I have time to get this taken care of.

I have been in school since August 2005. I took a leave of absence and now I am in it to win it. My hold ups are writing these papers. They are called KAMs. I should have had them complete a long time ago. I have to write three of theme. At this moment, I only have 3 classes, 3 KAMs, 2 residencies, and 1 dissertation to complete my Phd. The courses and the residencies are the easy part. The KAMs and the dissertation is what is getting the best of me. I know it can be done. At the end of the month, I have to purchase the two books for the Breadth Component of KAM I. I will have it done by November. I can see what lies ahead, it is just a matter of focusing and doing what is needed to become Dr. Willetta Jackson.

August Bill's
Tag $70.00
Passport $90.00
T-Mobile $300.00
Braces $109.00
Wachovia $100.00
First Premier $100.00
US Dept of Edu $25.00
Tax Lien (Explorer) $956.35
Savings $1000.00

This is everything that I must pay for the month of August. Things are slowly getting taken care of. I am so proud of myself and my accomplishments. I have wasted time and money and now is the time to get it together. I am not getting any younger and I must use my resources to the fullest.

In the mean time, throughout the following school term, where there are ways to make extra money I will be there. The extra cash will help me pay off Wachovia, First Premier, and Walden. All things are possible, I must just believe.

Right now, I am about to complete my assignment for my Principles of Distance Education course. I am proud of myself and who I have become. I am capable of doing all things. All I have to do is believe.

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