Friday, July 3, 2009

If it's not One Thing It's Another

In my last post, I stated that things are not as bad as they once were. Now, I am begging to differ. Currently, there is a tax lien on my credit report that I was not aware of. Also, there are two undergraduate student loans that need to be paid off so I can qualify for the teacher loan forgiveness program. There can not be any loans prior to 1998 to be able to receive this forgiveness.

Day before yesterday I found out that I didn't meet the requirements to receive financial aid for this term. Turning lemons into lemonade. Not getting financial aid will cut down on the amount of money I will owe once I complete my PhD. On the other hand, this is $4,310 that could be going to something else. The world and it's occurances are something. There are actually three terms in one year. That totals $12,930 a year. I keep telling myself, this is money and interest I do not have to pay out once I am finished.

Since finding out this news, my mind has been going a million miles a minute trying to sort out my plan of action to pay off my debts. Yesterday, I pulled my credit report and found that I have a 587, 635, and 635. My scores are better than they were without the tax lien.

This is my plan of action:
Pay $2,000 a month of debts for the next year. This will total $24,000. Using that money will allow me to pay off the tax lien in three months. Starting in September, it will be paid off by December. Through it all, I am going to continue paying something on Wachovia and US Dept of Education.

Life Happens
Life happens and it is all up to me to make sure I stay afloat. It is so easy to give up and just fall victim. I refuse to be a victim to my debt. Giving up vacations to pay off debt is a sacrifice and I am willing to sacrifice that money to have financial freedom. Another thing, I have $54,000 in school debt. The funny thing about that is I make about this much yearly.
Overall, I am somewhat saddened by not receiving financial aid. This is the outcome of not doing what is needed at the moment. Thinking about my life and how I have wasted time, energy, and money by not doing something when it needed to be done. No longer can I do that to myself. I am tired of doing this to myself and my money. Maturity is taking place and I am proud to say I am ready for the changes to occur in my life. Sacrifice is what is taking place in my life. I am ready for the changes and the debt will be handled.

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