Monday, July 20, 2009

The End Summer Break is Nearing

Summer break is right around the corner and I have made some major improvements. For instance, I took out a loan to pay for school. Actually, I did that just to see if I could get a loan with the tax lien and yes, I was able to. Since I did that school has been paid for for this term (June-August). Also, this will free up major cash at the end of the month. I started paying my bills when they come instead of paying them when I get paid at the end of every month. This has saved my money since I am not paying late fees. At the end of July, I will pay my portion of the tax lien off which totals $956.35. They don't take personal checks so I have to get a money order or cashiers check.

In not having to pay for school I will have a free $2,000 at the end of July and August. The loans monthly payment is $187.00. I took out a $5,000 loan. Thinking and organizing my future financial moves has been trying and I have things completely mapped out.

Walden University
This term has been paid for as I stated. The next term starts in September and lasts until November. Paying for this term is a thing that must be done. It will be done by the end of November. How? Ok, every month brings an extra $2,000. I will not start paying for the fall term until the end of September ($2,000). In October another $2,000 the term will be paid off then. Until I complete school every two months I will pay $2,000 for the term.

I know that financial aid is a good thing. On the other hand, it isn't because that is money that will have to be paid back once I complete school. I already owe about $55,000 in school debt, if I continued to receive financial aid by the time I graduate I will owe over $100,000. Not trying to have that much debt on my report. I am looking at things in a positive light. Yes, I was hoping I would get financial aid once I passed my courses, but I didn't. Truly, this was a blessing in disguise, honestly it was. So thanks for that!

Tax Lien
The total of the tax lien was almost $12,000. Now, it is $6,000 give or take a few. Those in between months that I am not paying for school I will pay off the tax lien. The lien is broken down by two vehicles. The Escalade and the Explorer. The Explorer is the cheaper debt and it will be paid off at the end of this month.

All I know is the lien will not be a factor by the end of 09. Leaving that in this year.

$5,000 Loan
Alright, I know I said I wouldn't get another loan, but I just had to try. Obtaining the loan has stopped much stress I had in having to pay for school. It threw my off when I was told I wouldn't get aid for school. That is A ok! The loan will be paid of in the next three months I believe. My plans are to pay off the loan before the end of the year. In doing this, it will benefit my credit score greatly. Once this loan is paid off I am going to get another one maybe for more money and have it paid off soon too. I have a plan just work with me on that. I am not going backward I promise.

Undergraduate Loans
Wachovia $2,580.57
US Dept of Education $13,000

Wachovia will be paid off by the end of the year. I have been paying $25.00 a month of the US Dept of Education loan. Slowly getting things taken care of. In my mind it is ashamed to have undergraduate debt and I have been out of school since 2000. Go figure. It will all work itself out.

My Savings Plan
I started saving a few months ago and have been dipping into my money. One thing I can say is I put it back. In my savings account I have about $100. When I get paid at the end of the month that will be $1,000. My goal is to have at least $5,000 by the end of the year.

Every other month will be a payment. Paying something toward my debts. School is a priority and I think I finally have it under control. Work with me. Eventhough, I have been paying things off, I still have been wasting money. At some point it has to come to a stop. I see what is going on and I contribute that to My Financial Success. Having to be accountable for my actions is a big thing. Not overdrawing in my account, doing what is right by my money, and learning from others has put a big push to pay off all of my debts. I have a plan and I know it will work all I have to do is stop wasting and do right by the money I receive.
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