Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where there's a Will there's a Way

Goals for the month are not that outstanding, but they are things that can be accomplished.

1. No overdrawing in my account: I understand how detrimental this is to my financial report cared, but sometimes things come up that are unforseen.
2. Get a will: This is much needed especially with having assets, that I don't want the state taking control of. You can get a template of a will online and take it to the government center and have them file it. Instead of getting a lawyer and going that route.
3. Save money and not spend all of it: This is very important, spending more than I earn is not what's up. Having something to fall back on is a must.
4. Pay off a $50.00 debt on my credit report: I can't believe my credit score dropped. The only thing that needs to be paid is this. I have other things, but they are in good standing.

It is sometimes hard to do the right thing, but doing right by your money is what we all need to do. We wonder why we don't have enough to be able to have that wonderful vacation. All is needed is to budget and not overspend. Make plans and decide how you will obtain your goal. My biggest enemy is myself and I will overcome what is stopping me from achieving my dreams.

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Continue to do right by your money. Everything you want you don't need! Put your money to work for you! Use is wisely and watch your money change!
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