Monday, October 20, 2008

You Get What You Ask For

I asked for more money and it is coming to me. I started working the morning tutorial. I have to be at work Monday-Thursday at 7:00 am, that is alright because I get my hourly rate. Great for me. I used to coach a few years back and now I have been asked to coach again. Ya! for me! I am so excited. The money will go to good use because I am about to embark on some new endeavors in my life. The extra money can be put to good. For instance, I wanted to have my truck paid off by December, but of course things happen and I am not able to get that done. So it will be paid off by February 09. The extra cash can help me achieve many goals and put up money to support my future goals.

All I have to say is that things happen for a reason and you get what you ask for. I will put this extra money to good use and not blow it. I have learned much and I have debt and my ultimate goal is to have financial freedom and I know I can achieve it.

How to Get Good Credit

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