Saturday, November 8, 2008

Am I Really Ready?

Creating a budget is one of the things I seriously need to do every month. By December 08, I will have a $1000 emergency fund. I have been spending and got fussed at for spending. I know the things I purchased could have waited, but I didn't. Bad, no not really I deserve things sometimes. I bought a small rug for the entrance of the house, a pillow for the sofa, something to pick up hot things, black tights, and a dress. I am in the mood of making the house look more inviting. There are still somethings missing, some minor upgrades would be nice.

I got denied for the house until January of 09 due to having a late payment on my mortgage January 08. The loan officer sent me my credit scores. I have a 641, 631, and 629, they are all above 600, that is interesting. I guess from paying off that $50 medical bill brought my scores up. Good job!

As for the house, if it is still available in January, I will try again. If it is meant to be it will still be there when I am ready, if not, there is somthing else out there for me.

I am ready for the next step of my financial freedom. There are things that are close to being paid off. These are the first things I must take care of:

February 09, Liam (Land Rover)paid off: $3378.69
March 09, Get back in PhD program: $4500

These will be taken care of and I am taking the steps to get it done. I haven't eaten out in a few days, so that is moving an a different direction. I cooked breakfast, lunch was left overs, dinner stroganoff. Saving money in that aspect.

The morning tutorial and basketball are bringing in extra money. They are both monthly and will not come in a lump sum. I need to go to pay roll and shift some money around. Selling Betty's Only candles will bring in more money too.

I am looking forward to achieving financial freedom. I am learning as I go. The growth may take some time, but I know I will achieve my goal. One of the things I will be able to is purchase without having to borrow. I think that is awesome. By 35, I will have that capability.

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