Monday, November 3, 2008

Take One Day At a Time

Every day it seems that new challenge surface. Today there are no challenges, but it always seems a day late and a dollar short. As for the house, I can't do anything until January due to having a late payment on one of the properties. You live and learn. As for now, I am taking baby steps to better my financial situation. Moving money around, finalizing some lose ends and cutting corners where needed.

Money is slowing coming in. Whether it is fast or slow at least it's coming in right? Betty's Only has been bringing me money. I just need to have a better face for the company. As for now, I have made $47.00 in candles with a pending $55.00 so total $112.00. That is good. I guess I go through the woo is me stage. Sometimes you are up and others down.

On a lighter note, I found out that I have to get back in school before June of 09. That gives me time to make money so I can pay for school. I always have another story. I will not go into details though.

Currently, I am 33 and have some awesome goals to achieve. Having financial success will better my situation. I not only want financial success, but I want to have generational wealth for my family.

I will work daily to increase my potential and live in the moment. Life is what I make it and I will make it a success. I sometimes have mess on my brain and it is hard for me to stay focused, but I know one thing, this time next year, I will not be in this same place.

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