Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all,

I haven't been posting in a while and I know that is not a good thing. Overall, the holidays where pleasant for me. I did do some spending, but not too excessively. That I am proud of.

Liam (99 Land Rover) was supposed to be paid off by December 08, did it work? No, it didn't. I owe $2,000 on Liam. I am proud of that.

As for overdrawing I did twice, but it was due to fault of my own. I paid something off and instead of putting the money in the account, I sent the money first. That isn't bad at least it wasn't hundreds of dollars in overdrawn fees.

Something new:

I got several pairs of shoes for Christmas. What I have decided to do with the shoe boxes are use them to put $1, $5, $10, and $20 in them daily. Regardless of what I will put cash in the boxes daily. I will not touch this money until the summer. The money I will have accumulated will be used for emergency, vacation, or put toward debt. I will be put it to good use.

The end of the year brought about much contemplation and want to do better in my overall life. I see where I am slacking and will do better.

One more thing, my credit scores didn't go up, why? My student loans came out of deferment and hit hard. 2 went below 600 and one stayed at 641. Right now, I am unable to do anything positive pertaining to getting some type of credit.

So, if you have student loans make sure they are deferred or are in forebearance. This will keep them in good standing and will not affect your credit score. Go to your student loan website or call them and ask do you qualify for deferment or forebearance.

The house that I was previously looking at has dropped to $144,900. Can't do anything due to credit scores. The late payment on one of the houses will drop off at the end of the month. Staying current with my mortgage payments is a must. We will move by the summer time, so looking forward to getting off this busy street and into a true neighborhood. House with a two car garage and a pool, that would be cool.

2009 will be a great year for me. My goals are to stay focused on important things. BS is not an option. Focus on building multiple streams of income. Learn more about the real estate market and do right by myself and what I have. Financial freedom will be mine. Learn as I go and never look back. This year will not be another waste.

I wish you all a great year. What will you do to get your finances in order? Let me know the wonderful ideas you may have.

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