Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keep on Moving

Today is going to be random thoughts about my financial situation. There really hasn't been much going on. I changed the format of the blog. It was looking somewhat cluttered, junky! So I changed it to make it look better. The heading needs to be changed. I don't know what it should be. Crazy right? I want it to be fun, innocent, and about money. What should it be?

I have been spending money. Had a fish fry Friday, took out $100.00 for that. I have only $10.00 left. The car has no gas, that is something that has to be done too. Company will be here Thursday, I bought a shower curtain for the bathroom and a rug. The rug is too small. I should have gotten the larger one for $19.99. There needs to be pictures in the bathroom too. I may go to look for that tomorrow. I want some plants for the house, maybe three. Succulents would be great, they don't need much water.

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Walden Done
School is finally paid for. That is a relief for me. School is almost over which is good. Since it is paid for I can register for the next term. I must keep good grades. I applied for financial aid, getting good grades will qualify me for it. Paying for school has shown me that I can be debt free. All that has to be done is put money toward those outstanding bills. Doing that will get it paid for quick and save you on interest fees.

Things I have paid for:
Walden: done
TMobile: $55.00
Knology: $69.51
Mediacom: $88.98
W. GA Orthodontist: $109.00
US Dept. of Education: $25.00

Who I must pay:
ING: $15.00
SunTrust: $51.00
First Premiere: $50.00
Primerica: $80.00
Myself (savings): $100.00
Wachovia: $50.00

This savings thing is something that I just decided to do. Every time I get paid, I will add money to my savings account. I tend to spend more, pay of debt, and not save. That stops today. I don't know what tomorrow will bring so I must start now saving, but continue to pay off bills.

Never Trust
As for the lien, it is crazy. People are selfish and users. Never trust anyone with your personal information. I have lived and learned better. I will continue to do some research as far as statue of limitation. If that fells, I will pay for it myself. I can't have this hanging over my head. Also, keep documentation, it is always needed. There is so much more to my life. I am over it. Get me once that's on you, get me twice, that on me! I went to the GA Dept of Revenue to get the itemized break down of how much I owe. Still waiting to get a call to pick it up, how long will that be?

My Serious Debt
Tax Lien
Student loans: deferred

Emergency Fund
I finally have one of those. It feels good. Liam (Land Rover) is fixed kinda sorta. The moon roof is missing a bolt. That is a big hole that allows rain to get in. I got it plugged with a cork, I know. It only cost me $1.07. Pretty good, I will see if it stops it from raining in Liam. Been thinking about getting back speaker fixed, that was one of the things that broke first. I know that the speaker is really that bad, but it is one of the cheaper things to get fixed. With my emergency fund, I will save about $700-$1000 a month. Get Liam worked out, save, and pay off debt. With large bills, it would be good just to put a large lump sum on it.
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