Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time Keeps Moving Forward

Finally, I am at a point where I know where my money is going. It has taken time, focus, dedication, and determination to actually see. Being sick and tired of overdrawing in my account, not knowing where money was going, and not being able to get the things done that are necessary. That is finally over.

Somethings that have Helped
1. Cutting up my check card
2. Not eating out
3. Filling up on 1/2 a tank
4. Monitoring my spending
5. Not purchasing wastefully

This month has brought about savings. I am still paying off the things that will allow me freedom, but I put up a little cash in my savings account. There is a checking and savings account with the same bank. I have the minimum in my savings account. I transferred $100 into my savings account. Now, I have $300 in that account. I will not withdraw this money for any reason. If I do have to withdraw I will put double back. That is my promise to myself.

In another account, I usually use this account to withdraw and replace money in the other account. I don't mean to be confusing, but I have stopped withdrawing from that account. Things are truly looking up. Other than the lien, all debts are up to date. School will be out for me as of Wednesday. This will give me some time to figure the lien out. I have to get an understanding of the total debt. Once that is done, I will start paying this off. The sooner the better.

Overall, I am proud of the growth I have made, there is still more to come. Since the month was hectic, I didn't go grocery shopping. There has been a cookout or something daily so that saved some money.

Is paid for now I have to complete one more assignment. The term actually ends tonight. My grades should be good enough where I can get financial aid. Have to see how everything goes.

Water $ 90.00
T-Mobile 61.29
Knology 75.00
Mediacom 70.00
Geico 221.00
First Premeire 100.00
savings 250.00
Wachovia 311.00
US Dept of Education 25.00
School Books 150.00 (don't know, but that's what I expect to spend)
Passport 99.00

Things to Do
Get headliner fixed
Raining in truck
Back speakers replaced
Something done to the front yard

The summer is going to bring promise and relaxation. Again, there is so much to do and I will get it all done. Just to be able to say I know where my money is going makes me feel so proud of my accomplishments. There are still somethings that I know I can change, but all together I want happiness and contentment in my life. Receiving those things takes an overall acceptance to just live and enjoy life, this is what I have vowed to do for myself.

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