Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day One of My Financial Success

For the last 8 years I have been teaching. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but I haven't been doing right by my money. Working 5 days a week can take a toll on you. I don't believe that all of our time should be spent working like this. I have had financial success, but not to the extent that I want. I am 33 years old with no savings and I am definitely not at the place where I thought I would be financially. I make candles and have been doing that for some time, but not where I want to be. I am currently working on building a website for them. People come to me and ask for candles for gifts, but I know I could do much better in that area. My goals here are to discuss my financial success. I know I can achieve it and with a audience I think I will do better.
During the month of July, I started a Financial Planning/Support Group. We meet monthly to discuss our financial goals as well as personal goals. There are only 6 of us, but we have been working diligently to help each other obtain our goals. The first thing we discussed was our credit history and scores. Many people are afraid to talk about money or even look at there finances. How can you know if you are afraid to find out? So for the month of August everyone had to find out their credit history. When we met in August everyone found out that information and had started paying things off or even disputing the information. We used to find out our credit history. Many of us had things on our report that was old, or wasn't our, we had no clue about it, or the information was just wrong. For $39.95 a month you can get all three reports and scores. You can only dispute with Experian online.

The addresses for Experian and Equifax are:
Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374-0256

TransUnion Customer Relations
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Also, you are eligible for one free credit report a year depending on your state. If you have never obtained a copy of your report please do so. This report doesn't come with your score, but the report is a great start.

Starting at the end of this month, I will save $450.00 dollars for the entire school year. Every time I try to do this something happens. The element of surprise is something we have no way of planning for.

Below you will find a list of my financial goals:
Save $450.00 for 8 months: $3600.00
Truck paid off January 09 balance of $3,930.54
Save money
Don't Overdraw in my Checking Account
Stop borrowing money
Learn about investing in the Stock Market
Build money with current properties
Refinance both homes
Pay off Student Loans
Make money online
Stop spending unnecessarily

These are just a few things that I am going to achieve. I will post every other day to let you know my ups and downs. Things I have learned and even things that where not successful. I would like to do all of these things in at least 3 years to date.
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