Sunday, September 21, 2008

Financial Meeting

We met Thursday and came up with many things that will help us on our financial journey. Ms. Jamison talked about Standard IRA and a Roth IRA these are things that people need to invest in. I will get one before the end of the year. The money matures and I do believe they are better to have instead of a CD. She also talked about investing in a cell phone company. For instance Samsung. I said Samsung because many service providers use Samsung phones. The next time we meet I will have more information on how to invest in the stock market. Mara, talked about her Web Page certification and building a variety of websites. She is working hard to get the web pages up and running. Johnathan has changed his business cards and is not looking back. As for me, by the next time we meet I will have a lawyer and my will will be done. Lables will be done for the candles and my website will be up and running. Like I stated earlier, I will also have information on investing in the stock market. My credit score should be up a few points by the next time we meet. Mo, needs to take a career assessment test to see what she may be interested in. Overall, I do look forward to our meetings because it gives us a chance to talk about our financial goals, problems, successes, and desires. I would recommend all to get with a group of like minded individuals and start a money management group. The group will help you get on the right path and allows you to be able to talk to people about your thoughts and views. I look forward to meeting with them because they help me think out my financial problems and they motivate me to get things done.

Below are some links to how to invest in the stock market:

If you are interested in the stock market please use these links. If you already invest in the stock market let me know how you do it.
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