Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It is Never Too Late

Today, I started a 403b with my job. I had one before with Valic, but haven't been contributing to it for a while. As a matter of fact, I just borrowed from that one earlier this year. I am currently paying it off. Valic is owned by AIG and the government bailed them out not to long ago. Will Valic be around for the next few years? Who knows? Especially with the way the economy is today. My plan is to continue to invest in my 403b and add 100.00 more yearly. I am so behind, but it is better late then never, right?
I think it is a good idea to diversity. Have funds built up in a variety of areas. I am learning and know that where there is a will there is a way. I am 33 and not getting any younger. I will continue to learn from others and put my best foot forward.

I also went to put in an application at one of the junior colleges in the area. Let's see where that will go. Extra money is always great. Making money online is also another option too. How to do that? I put this site on http://www.feedburner.com/ and I need to optimize it. I know it takes a few days for sites to crawl. It's funny how many have made money online without any efforts. What's the problem? Is it me? I will continue to do my best and put money in the right places. Do right by my houses, get a cd, continue to invest in my 403b, and learn more about the stock market.
Overall, I want to be comfortable when I get older and before then. I want to enjoy my life and be able to have the things that I want. I also want to help others have there dreams. If I write something that will help you, I have done my part.

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