Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am Excited

Last month, I made some adjustments with my bills.

Cut Backs
Mediacom: got rid of HBO and Cinemax. Old bill $124.00. New bill $85.00
TMobile: added more minutes for $50.00. Old bill $100.00. New bill $55.00
SunTrust: $608.63 having old with their insurance. $580.56 with my own insurance.

This saves a few bucks for the month. That is always good. I am so proud of myself for saving something.

I came to Atlanta for the weekend. I thought that I should get me a few things. Nothing much, just something because I deserve that. I know that whenever I owe, I should not purchase, but put that money toward that bill. Ok, this is my celebration.

Shoes: $47.00
Old Navy: $60.00

Overall, I know that I will get my finances together. Thinking about it I do have bills, but at least for the month I will not be overdrawn in my account.

I checked on getting the back speakers fixed for Liam. That should be $170.00 to get that fixed. My plan is to get things taken care of slowly. Pay off debts and get Liam fixed all at the same time.

This month I had to do more payments out. Purchasing tickets for the Teacher of the Year Gala. All of my checks have cleared too I believe.

May Debts
Tmobile $55.00
Knology $70.00
Mediacom $85.00
Credit Card $150.00
Braces $109.00
Wachovia $125.00
US Dept of Education $25.00
Walden University $800.00 last payment

Walden will be paid off at the end of the month too. Once my grades are done, my GPA will be up and I will be able to receive financial aid. I have already applied for financial aid.

Deficient In Escrow
As for the property that I was having the insurance problem with, the property's mortgage has dropped. Now, I need to pay off my escrow balance which is $1000.00+. The crazy thing about that is I don't know why it is negative.

The money that I will have left over for the month will go toward Wachovia. The quicker I get rid of debt, the better off I will be.

If I could get more properties I would, but my finances are not in order. Multiple streams of income is what I am working toward. I can do it. It is up to me. Where there's a will there's a way. Some money and put money on debts.
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