Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sorting Things Out Takes Time

I read that your thoughts tend to cause somethings to occur in your life. I don't know what. For me, when I think things are going smoothly, something financial rears its ugly head onto my credit report. Don't create anymore debt. That's what I thought I wasn't doing, but I guess I was in so many words. Below you will find my financial obligations.

I don't want to seem so negative because believe you me I am not. When I keep getting hit with bills coming from who knows where I just get frustrated. All I am saying is pay attention to your finances. Don't let anyone handle your money. Get help.

Tax Lien: $11,000 just appeared on credit report this January
Walden University: $1,660 tution owed due to being on academic probation
Wachovia: $2,954.84 student loan from 1995

This is just a quick synopsis of my financial obligations. I don't know what vibe I am putting out to keep getting all of the unnecessary bills. One of my goals last year was to have a 700 credit score. Everytime I got close something popped up. Honestly, I am tired of going through this. Having multiple streams of income has assisted me in paying these debts off.
The tax lien has allowed me not to be able to move. That was a big goal. Enough of that.

Things tend to be working out. At least I have enough cash to handle my bills, that is a blessing. What I am going to do is take every day one day at a time and pay these things off. Regardless it is up to me to handle my debts. These are my responsibilities. I will get them taken care of for myself and my future.
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