Monday, April 20, 2009

I Really See Improvements

At this point in my life, I can honestly say I see improvements. There are things still that I need to work on, but overall things are looking good.

Learning Experiences
Everday, I consider that to be a learning experience. I talk to my friends and know that I can be anyone that I want to be. I can also do anything that I want to do. Life is full of struggles, but it is up to you to do the right with what you are given.

Things I am Working
There are things that I am working on. For instance, living below my means! That is a big one. Currently for the month, I have had enough cash to live on and still do some other things with. I have paid all of my bills and have some money left over. I am growing and I can see the change in my overall finances. Since I have to pay for school on my own, that has let me know that I can pay of things faster then I thought I could.

TMobile $55.00 was $101.00
Knology $
Mediacom $89.00 was $124.49
Braces $109.00
Credit Card $100.00
Wachovia $200.00
US Dept of Education $25.00
Walden University $1,010. last payment, I should receive financial aid for the next term

Things Needed to be Adjusted
For May, there are many things that need to be adjusted. For instance, paying $1,010 for school. The total payment of $4,310 has really put a dent in my pocket. This is what happens when you get on academic probation. Something that I really am not trying to do again. Once this is done, I should not have to pay for school. That is if I can get financial aid.

During the Summer
During the summer, I may double up on my monthly payments for my braces. Or just continue to pay monthly and put that extra cash toward paying off Wachovia. As you know, my ultimate goal is to have financial freedom.

What the Future Holds
The future holds many things for me and I am looking forward to doing them all. In order to be successful financial freedom is a must. I see how I can achieve it. All I have to do is maintain what I have and work on doing more cut backs.

I try to put the money I receive to good use. That is sometimes hard, but I am able to manage. Looking at the money that I have I do pretty well. I was talking with someone about where our money goes. That is a big question. Spending is sometimes all that we do in order to maintain sanity. I have thought about that and I know what to do in order to keep more cash. I know how to say no. Eating out is not an option. I still do it, but not as often as before. While driving, I go to places near each other instead of wasting gas.

I have celebrated my growth and know my goal is obtainable. All I have to do, is do right by my cash and keep the main thing the main thing.

As for tutoring, I make $15 an hour and I use that cash for gas. Work with my growth. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and build your financial future.
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