Friday, April 24, 2009

I Feel Good About the Future

There have been a few months where I haven't not overdrawn in my account. Actually, I have money left over for the month. That feels really great. There are so many things that I want to do. It takes time and money to get them done. I am doing my best to use my money wisely. It is hard, but focus has been the key to making sure I put the money in a good place.

I was thinking and as far as purchasing the two houses. That was something that I always wanted. I wanted to rent houses. I just did it. Two houses in one year, I think that is great. I have never lived in either home. I jumped out there and made it happen. Why can't I do the same thing in other aspects of my life? That is the prime question. Here I am, paying for school and maintaining bills. I may be in a growing period. I want to move, but my credit is awful due to that unforeseen incident that appeared on my credit report.

Outstanding Bills
Walden University $1010.00
Library $40.00
SunTrust $51.00

I will get financial aid for the summer time because I will pass my class with an A. Money that doesn't have to come out of my pocket right then. The $1000.00 for the next two months will go toward my undergraduate debt ($2,990.00).
I don't talk about this much but I want 5 acres or more of land. I will work on a deadline for when I will have it. On the land my dream home with everything that I want in it. A Jacuzzi and sauna (hot and wet). A green home, it doesn't have to be really big. Just 4 bedrooms, with 3 bathrooms, a exercise room. I can't forget a candle room.

Staying focused on this is something that I should do more. I somewhat had put that toward the back of my mind. Can't look for the small things. Stepping out is what needs to go on. There are so many things that I want to do, but that little thing holds me back. Could that little thing be finances?
There's not really much to say. I just have to stay focused and not get taken for a sucker. Do the right thing by my money enjoy this life.
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